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Gratitude - September 6th 2007


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So many reasons to be grateful,

First a recall was not made on my

car and had the papers from the

computer to show........so got

the car all fixed for $79,87

instead of thousands.....

I'm grateful today to Dr. Myhal,

he has cancer and can work only

two days a week when he is not

following treatment.

Dedication like that we don't see often.

All he can do is give cortisone

injections and offer a soft

shoulder for those in pain.

My turn today for the first of

the four injections I need every

three months to keep going.

Please tell me, would you rather

I just give the reason for being

grateful and skip the details.

Hugs to all


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I'm grateful that Bill's family is still my family, and I'll be seeing them in less than a week.

I'm grateful that I got my eyes checked before attempting to drive in England (I knew they were getting bad, but geez :shock: ).

I'm grateful to God to his ever present mercies, even when I don't acknowledge them or appreciate them fully at the time.

And I'm grateful to all of you.

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