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Peace... (4 years later..)


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This year, peace escapes me-

the word for me I think is refuge....I find it in being a lung cancer advocate and in focusing on work and family so that the weight of my grief doesn't consume me...

I would like to post what It feels like, 4 years later...but I can't. It's tainted and from this year forward will be entwined with the fact that

1) not only do I not have my father; but

2) I don't have a mother now either.

Four years ago, I experienced one of the worse days of my life, my dad passed away, and I've missed him every single day. He is why I do what I do.

Year 1 was a shocking blur

Year 2 was the hardest for me

Year 3 the fog was beginning to lift- a little

I wanted to post- and share a little with you. Especially for the new people- i wanted then to know that we aren't just random faces or postings...

I am like you. I have walked this journey many times. I understand, and we are here to support each other.

So for each person who takes the time to read this post....

I wish you PEACE.


http://lchelp.org/l_community/viewtopic ... ight=peace

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Big Hugs and tons of prayers. I don't always have words but can ususally find some words..



Kinda sad but the words are so true in these both..

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I can't even begin to understand what you have gone through. I know the grief I still feel over losing my dad. I can't imagine losing both parents.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope with all my heart that once again "peace" can enter your life.

Take Care,


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I hope you can find some Peace in the coming year. You have done so much for so many people and I am sure your parents are both very proud of you.

I know that it does not relieve the pain and that you would take it all back to have your parents back. That is alright because it is normal. It is just that every day we can look around and start to see why things happen that tear our hearts out. Your loss has been horific but what you have given to others because of that loss is priceless.

We will all always be grateful to you, and to your parents for having a daughter who took her own pain and used it to help so many others :!:

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Hi Katie,

I hope you do find some peace in the passing of time, and that it helps in some way to know the tremendous things you do for the rest of us every day.

I never met your dad, but I did meet your sweet mom, and I will always remember her there in your kitchen at your party. I am positive that they both are very, very proud of you.


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Katie- I wish for peace for you and for everyone. I can't imagine losing both parents. But now that Mom is gone I fear losing Dad everyday, everytime he doesn't answer the phone right away.

I'm sorry you have had to carry so much grief and I do wish much peace to you. And I thank you for the encouragement you have shown me.

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I knew your dad was gone but I had no idea that it was the same day my dad was killed. I am beside myself... I have always known I could come here and not be alone in my situation but you could knock me over with a feather right about now.

I guess I don't have to say that I know how you feel, I get it completely.

Especially now with mom I have dicovered that again, year 2 is the harder than year one...

and I also wish you all PEACE.

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I hope the day passed gently for you. You have brought "peace" to so many of us here, that my greatest wish for you is to find it again in your life. I know it must be so difficult losing Mom and Dad...I simply can't get my mind around that. But, I know they are watching over you, I know that they are so proud of the daughter they have raised and the woman she has become. I feel blessed to know you. Love, Sharon

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I can't even begin to understand your pain, because I have not walked in those shoes.

But I need you to know that because of you, through this site, I found faith and hope and peace. This has been the biggest blessing I could have received at a time when I felt I was drowning.

I know you rparents are so very proud of you and all that you have done.

If only you could fathom all the peolple you have touched.....I am only one of many!

Peace back to you,


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Thank you, Katie. I wish you nothing but peace and of course, eventual happiness. You are always here comforting everyone else, offering them insight and sympathy and understanding - I truly believe your parents would be so very proud of you right now, proud of the selflessness and the love you extend to others. They raised a wonderful daughter. :)

Peace to you...

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