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I'll never get caught up!!!


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Hi All,

Well, my pain has lessened considerably. *yea*

I'll see my oncologist tomorrow to decide on chemos.

Nov 5 I go to The Barrows Institute to get 4 screws put in my vertebrae. They will give the CyberKnife a relative placement. BTW, has anyone had CyberKnife?

Here is the most interesting fact: I had a CT scan about a month previous. It showed I was still cancer free when in fact I actually had a tumor totally filling my spinal column (at T-1, T-2). It had degraded the vertebrae so badly, that the neurosurgeon had to build them up and fuse them. I now have titanium rods and such to keep everything in place. A MRI picked up the tumor easily! It had been growing as long as I had the pain—at least 6 months, probably more!

Bottom line: CT scans don't do the job. I now plan on having MRIs.

I'll update everyone as things progress.


PS Posted on the other General...probably a mistake. Looks like it will get archived soon!


DX 10/17/01 (4 days after 60th B'day) NSCLC Stage IIIB* squamous & adenocarcinoma, chemo-radiation for six weeks, surgery removed upper left lobe 2/12/02, 2 more chemos.

*Drs misdiagnosed

9/16/03 Neurosurgery removed metatasized squamous tumor in spine. Radiation & chemo will probably follow.

Photo is with my daughter on her wedding day 10/99Back to top

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