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If you had 3 wishes.....


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If you could have three wishes granted, what would they be? (and no "wishing for 3 more wishes" either! LOL!)

Mine would be:

1) That EVERYONE in the world suffering from ANY type of cancer, would wake up in the morning completely healed.

2)That every child in the world would know only love, patience, and have their needs met in every way.

3) To win a GIANT Lottery!!!! :oops: (I'd buy us all very fancy, expensive dulcimers, and lessons too! Then I'd hire someone to play them for us, :shock: ,while we lay on they beach, in the Caribbean, with handsome pirate's fanning us with palm leaves and feeding us grapes!) :wink:

Smacking myself on the cheek here, to come back to earth!! :lol:

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The old Normal with Deb Daisy and of course her new sis Mocha Pup..

No cancer at all..

No tobacco companies and I LIVE IN THE HEART OF tobacco country...


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