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Getting to Know You - September 7


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Hey Laurie!!!!!! When were you in Hershey?? Next time let me know.....I'm pretty darn close. In fact some friends and I have season tickets to the Hershey theater!!!!

Now about dancing in the rain......NO way!!!! BAD hair! Rainy days make me cry for what it does to my hair. However the flip side of that is that I now HAVE hair to behave badly :? !


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Yes, I have. One day, not too long after Dennis was diagnosed, we danced in the rain. We both laughed and said that was something we had never done..so we did. We were in the street in front of our house. I think some passersby probably thought we were nuts but our neighbors, knowing about his cancer, completely understood. It's memories like this that I hope I never forget!!!

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