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Success of Topetecan


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Hi kdeangelo!

There are many here who have tried or are still using this drug. If you use the Search function......under the logo you will see My Mail, Search, My Profile......click on Search and for key word type in topotecan. Then in the next section select all posts and search. You should get lots of hits.

I personally am not familiar with the drug as I had the typical ones for NSCLC. Hope this helps you and hopefuly some of those who experienced success will be along to offer more information.

Good luck.


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Hello and welcome.

My Mom also has small cell-ext-DX sept/06

It is back in her liver and she is now on CPT11-there are many survivors on this board. Tell your husband about them and read our stories to him.

It helped my Mom keep the faith throughout this journey. If you have any questions - feel free to PM me.

Take Care


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My husband has recurrent sclc. He was on Topotecan on and off for several months but due to low blood counts could not continue with it. Ended up having extensive radiation after we found out the cancer progressed while on Topotecan. I have read others who did great on it. Everyone one is so different and you will find that more and more as you read on. Blessings to you and your husband that you find the treatment that WORKS.

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