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Sister found knot in neck

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While Bill was on Topotecan is when he discovered the knot (lump) in his neck. It turned out the Topotecan wasn't working and the lump was lymph nodes. He has since had the area, as well as several other area radiated and we're hopeful the cancer has been killed. The lump is significantly smaller

Prayers continue for you and Bev.

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Hopefully just a swelling of the lymph nodes from fighting the cancer perhaps?? Kinda like how the Lymph nodes swell when we get sick. Prayers and thoughts for all. Keep us posted..

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Thank you Laurie. I am kinda scared it is that the Topotecan is not working. I hope it is closer to what Randy said though. Who knows?

She just got back from Jackson, Ms. after the brachytherapy procedure. She said she feels crappy, so I have not been able to really talk to her. She goes back to her onc. on Wed., so maybe then he will be able to give her more information.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.



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Hi Bobby,

You just don't know until she has some kind of scan. It's certainly possible that it's just swollen. Even if it is in the lymph node though, I believe it can be radiated.

Hang in there -- I know you've been on a roller coaster ride with it all lately.

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