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Good luck for Deanne and Jimmy today folks!!!!!


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This is Deanne our member and who is fighting NICE over in UK to get tarceva funded for Husband Jimmy using her new website for advocacy. PITCH a PRAYER REAL QUICK!!!!!

New drug hope for cancer victim

By Angela Taggart Chief reporter

HEALTH chiefs were meeting today to decide if a cancer victim should be given a life-prolonging drug on the NHS.

The Gazette revealed in April how grandad Jimmy Jenkyns, 55, from Bainbridge Avenue, Simonside, South Shields, had been denied Tarceva.

South Tyneside Primary Care Trust (PCT) is refusing to fund the drug because it has not yet been approved for use in England and Wales by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

Mr Jenkyns, who was diagnosed with lung cancer in April last year, has been paying for the drug privately, at a cost of more than £1,700 a month.

It has improved his quality of life and a recent scan showed the tumour on his lung has shrunk by a third, and some secondary tumours have disappeared.

His new oncologist at the Northern Centre for Cancer Treatment in Newcastle is now pressing the PCT to reconsider its decision.

Mr Jenkyns's wife, Deanne, said: "The oncologist wrote to the PCT last week and they are holding an emergency meeting today to discuss Jimmy's case.

"He's actually fighting our corner for us. He's got patients who are on Tarceva and he's taken part in clinical trials with patients on Tarceva.

"He said Jimmy meets all the criteria. He's doing well on the drug, he's responding to it and in his opinion, he should have it."

Mrs Jenkyns, 40, has been campaigning for the drug on behalf of her husband and other sufferers, setting up the website www.lc-action4life.co.uk.

A petition on the Downing Street website, calling for Tarceva to be made available in England and Wales, has also collected more than 4,000 signatures.

It was approved for use in Scotland by the Scottish Medicines Consortium in May last year.

Conservative MEP Chris Heaton-Harris last week asked the European Commission to investigate the "postcode lottery" of cancer drug funding.

Mrs Jenkyns added: "This is what we need. I just hope it does some good."

The outcome of today's meeting should be known by the end of the week.

Last Updated: 10 September 2007 9:27 AM

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