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PET results NSC lung cancer


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hello, I am so thankful to have found this site. My dad, who is 69 years old was just dx with non small cell lung cancer about 5 weeks ago. He just got results of his PET scan today and we lots of questions. He will also be going to MD Anderson for an evaluation. They have not staged the cancer yet, but from what I have gathered, it would be Stage 3b or 4?

I am going to copy and paste the PET results as well as some other results and would appreciate any input.


There is extremely intense uptake within the left upper lobe mass that extends to the pleural surface. There appears to be curvilinear intense uptake along the pleural surface and chest wall that is very suspicious for direct extension. Very extensive uptake extending centrally into the left hilar/suprahilar area that is all confluent. There is intense uptake within left hilar lymph nodes and very intense uptake within a large subcarinal lymph node. There are calcified right hilar and right peritracheal lymph nodes. There is one right hilar that demonstrates fairly intense FDG uptake for its small size and is also suspicious for metastasis (spreading) Nothing suspicious on the diaphram. Liver and adrenal glands show no abnormal FDG uptake. Acyst is noted in the mid right kidney and a small renal calculus in the upper pole of the right kidney. Several calcifified granulomas in the spleen

Very intense uptake within the known left upper lobs malignacy. There is curvilinear uptake along the anterolateral chest wall that is suspicious for direct extension to the pleurs. There is also central extension into the left hilum and a seperate focus in the left hilum that are consistent with metastatic adenopathy. There is a large metastatic subcarinal lymph node and a small metastic right hilar lumph node

Nothing abdormal in the larynx Nothing suspicious in the head or neck area

1st visit to local pulmonary doctor:

He said the type of cancer Dallas has is the slowest growing type but that it probably developed a year ago. It is called Squamous Cell Carcinoma. He said he has only seen it in both lungs three times in his career. He said of course they could not operate or remove even one lung. He said a combo of chemo and radiation combined would help relieve the hurt under his arm and chest, and help slow down the growth. There is medication you can take now before starting treatment so you don't get as sick. The treatment would last 6 weeks and 5 days a week. This is not a cure but an extension of life.

2nd visit:

He prescribed Percocet for pain, and Prednisone for stamina

3rd visit:

Breathing test = Dyspnea Lung Cancer

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Hi, welcome to the LCSC! It's great that your dad is going to MD Anderson, a highly regarded cancer center, for further evaluation and/or second opinion.

"jeepsr4girlz" This is not a cure but an extension of life.

I believe it's important to NOT focus on the "incurable" part, even though that may be technically accurate. Most of us have a variety of incurable ailments which we just live with and manage as chronic conditions, and with recent advances it's becoming possible to handle many cancers in the same way. The "extension of life" can be a LONG extension, out to the neighborhood of your dad's normal life expectancy.

In my case, I don't expect to ever be "cured" of adenocarcinoma, though I do hope to be free of active cancer at times in the future and able to keep the cancer beat back until I'm old enough to die of something else. That's my goal, and I'm perfectly content with it.



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My father had squamous cell NSCLC in both lungs. I think squamous cell is the most common NSCLC in Europe and adeno is in US (for whatever reason; they think adeno came after people started smoking cigaretts with filters and had to inhale deeply). It does grow slower but not really slow and is more resistant to chemo.

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I would just like to welcome you to our family. While every case is different , there are certain things alike. I'm not familiar with PET scan results or knowledgeable enough to comment . I just want you to know that you have found the most wonderful place to be for support . When your Dad gets his medical evaluation and treatment plan you will be better able to focus on the future. It's all so hard when everything is new and you are in the waiting process with a bunch of words and scan results sitting in front of you. Keep us informed and know that someone will always be here for you.


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Hi and welcome here. Sorry you had to find us but glad you did as now we can help you through this.

He is going to an excellent facility and will find out more once he is evaluated.

I am not an expert in reading results but even though there seems to be alot of uptake I am really glad it is not in his liver or adrenalin glands.

Keep us posted and know we are always here for you.

I know how scared your are but please know that LC is not a death sentence as there are so many new treatments out there.

Hang strong!


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Thank you all for your replies. We will be taking my dad to MD Anderson this morning. This will be his first visit and it will be to review the tests he has already had here and also to perform some other tests while there and decide what type of treatment can be done. We are 6 hours away from Houston, so we will be dropping him and my step mom off and we will drive back. They have a hotel already set up and will be looking into the church apartment ministry once something is set up later. Hopefully we can find some information on that ministry.

Ned, what part of Hawaii are you located? My husband and I vacationed in Maui last April. It was our first visit to HI and it was unbelievable as well as unforgettable! We talk about selling everything we own and moving there all the time!

Again, thank you all for your comments and I will be checking back in soon.

Michele from hot, humid Louisiana

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