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WHEW!!! sweated that one out...


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Hi kids...

Just wanted to let you know I finally got the results back today from my Pet/Ct scan from last wednesday...after much calling around to see why they weren't faxed into my doctor yet...I called the facility where I had it done and they said they faxed it in on the 7th....Well helllloooo....they are not there..So fax them AGAIN ASAP!!!...they did and I called the doc's office back and they just got there and the sec said the doc will call me this afternoon....well .I didn't like THAT too much cause his staff usually calls with good test results...

Sooo here I was...bracing myself when the phone rang and he said..."Pam'????...and I said...'WHAT'???...He laughed at the way I answered cause he knows I am a nut case with this crap and the first words out of his mouth were...


So I just wanted to share my good news....good news for me is hope for everyone...thank you all for all your support and prayers...we DO need that every step of the way...thanks again

love to all ...praying for the cure...Nonni/Pam

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Jeesh Pam, forget about the cancer, you have one more PET scan and you're going to grow another head from all the radioactive stuff they inject into you. :shock:

Anyway, am glad that your mind is at ease and that all is okay. I know how it is.

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Hey Girl....where the hess you be?...I emailed you and it came back...do you have a new email addy since you moved...

Whew..girlfriend ...I really sweated this one out..I told my husband ...if I get out of this one oK then

f**k it...I will not worry again....

Hey the Pet wasn't my damn idea....See the yearly CT/scan...showed a 'possible lymph node enlargement' so of course the patholigist wanted to cover his butt and HE recommened another Pet...but Deb...the stuff they inject in you for the Pet..is not toxic..it's some kind of sugar substance and you don't even have to sign in case you 'croak' from it...geeezzzz... :roll:

Sooooo how you doing and how is youre little guy...I don't mean the dog either... :roll: ...Are you loving your job...So happy for you Deb...glad you made the move ...I think it is right for you...Anyway I'm glad I saw you here and give me a holler once in a while...ya hear????....


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