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MY reaction to Taxol...blew my mind! Anyone else have one?


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Hello All.....

I went for my first chemo today after having taken 20mg decodren at midnight & at 6 this am.

At the chemo treatment they gave me 0.25 mg aloxi, 50mg zantac, 50mg benadryl, & 8mg decodren.

We waited 1/2 hr. & then they did the Taxol.

Within a few minutes I started seeing hundreds of little flashing white lights, developed bad pain in upper right chest & limbs changed color & I felt like I would pass out.

Put me on oxygen, stopped the Taxol & started giving saline drip. After a couple of bags of that my blood pressure came up enough that they let me come home.

I was amazed at how fast my doctor must be able to run because he was on the scene within a couple of minutes of being paged.(There was some talk of a hospital stay but we convinced the doc that if anything looked wonky my husband would take me to the nearest ER.)

They want to switch me to something called Naveline combined with the carbo on Wednesday. Has anyone been treated with that?

I have no one that I can ask about this as I don't know anyone else who has cancer. I could google it but would rather hear first hand experiences.

I hate that all of you have to be here on the cancer messageboards but you sure are a blessing to me.

Any info much appreciated.


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I can't imagine how scary that must have been for you! Thanks goodness your doc can run!

My hubby hasn't been on Navelbine, so I have nothing to offer there. He was on carbo and he tolerated that very well.

Just wanted to send some positive vibes your way. Keep on keeping on!

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I've seen several people here post about sudden allergic reactions to Taxol, and some of them may have chimed in by the time I finish this. The reason it's given so slowly is to reduce the likelihood of such reactions, but it still happens sometimes. It's said that most reactions are due to the solvent the drug is dissolved in, not the Taxol itself. I guess nothing better has been found that will dissolve the stuff.

Those who do have a reaction to Taxol can usually be switched to another drug that is similar in effectiveness but easier to tolerate. I imagine Navelbine is one of them, but I'm not personally familiar with it.



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Sorry to hear about your reaction to Taxol.

I got my first dose of it last week and seemed to come through it alright. I did get a bit of a light show but I've been afflicted with those for several years now and never know if it's the drugs or just some short circuits in the brain matter. My wife did tell me that I was pretty red and flushed for a couple days but I didn't seem to have any new or strange affects that I actually felt or saw.

I did get my first Benadryl Bounce though. I was as goofy and drowsy as I've ever been without going 'lights out' and suddenly my legs thought they belonged to Elvis.

I get another round tomorrow and I'll report back if anything wierd happens.

Hang in there and remember, we're all pulling and praying for you here.


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My husband is on Taxol. So far he hasn't had any bad reactions at all to it.

How scary for you!!!!

They always give Harry some Benedryl and Ativan before the chemo starts. It knocks him out for almost the entire time he's there.

Good luck with the new chemo. I hope it works really well, with no side effects at all!


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Oh those Taxol reactions can be very scary! Sorry you had one of "those." Hubby had the same type of reaction once, but it was from Carboplatin.

Ditto what Rich said about Navelbine. Husband did it as a single agent for 19 weeks and it was a breeze. It worked very well.

Best Wishes,


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I had the seeing tiny lights reaction to Taxol but not until my last two cycles of it. I started to see little flashing lights and told the nurse right away and she stopped the drip immediately and told me I had to eat something. I did that and then they slowed down the drip and I was fine for the rest of the infusion. It was a really weird experience and I'm sorry you had to go through it. I hope the next thing doesn't cause any problems.

Take Care,


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NavelBine is also called Navy bean. This was Debs first with Gemzar and had no probs witht that combo. HAd success for a while and it was easy on system..

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Thanks all for giving me input on the Taxol & Navelbine reactions.

I go again tomorrow & they'll do the Navelbine (or as I've heard it called Navy Bean) & then the Carboplatin. Then I'll get one week off.

I had to get another CT of my chest as I was having pain & the rad. onc. doctor thought I might have been 'throwing more blood clots'. The CT showed that wasn't what was happening & they gave me a scrip for pain & said that it might just be pulled muscles.

They also changed my staging from 3A to 3B. I don't know if this will rule out any possible surgery. I was originally told that no surgery could be done. But apparently the onc.surgeon & rad.onc.doc. are at odds on this. Hopefully they will let me know something at some point....lol.

Thanks again for all the good info. I appreciate it & the fact that all of you are here & willing to help out.


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Did they do a biopsy of the "thing" in your left lung? The reason that I ask is because I had a nodule in my left lung. It did not light up on the first PET scan that I had at diagnosis but it did light up on the one that I had after my chemo/radiation treatment. My doctor would not do surgery until he was sure that it was not cancer. I had a biopsy and the nodule turned out to be scar tissue, so I was able to have surgery. That was two years ago and I have had clean scans since by the Grace of God. Ask questions, get a second opinion.


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Hello Carol......No, there was no biopsy done on the "thing" in my left lung. This I guess is something that we are going to have to pin the doctors' down on.

The hem./onc. never said what it was.....just nothing to worry about. The rad./onc. once hazarded a guess that it might have been a cancer that had died...sort of like a tree that dies inside & leaves a hollow shell.

When I had the PET scan it never showed up & I wonder why. If it was an active tumor/mass I would think it should have lit up like the one in the right lung but you say you had one show after your treatments so maybe mine will go the same way.

Thanks for your input. I appreciate it. Creekgirl

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello All......

I am trying to catch up on what has happened to me since the last time I updated my profile.

Doctor decided to delay my next chemo until after I had Neulasta shot. The next blood test showed the white blood count at 9,100 but my INR went up to 3.4 so have to get that back down between 2 & 3 before another chemo.

Today was #17 radiation treatment. (I had called it 'zapping' but was told that only refers to bugs). Another CT scheduled for Friday.

I developed a sore throat & trouble swallowing due to the radiation treatment near the esopagus. Got a scrip for the "magic mouthwash" & it helps.

My medicine cabinet now looks like a mini drug store. But I have to tell you I am starting to develop a real liking for the cherry flavored milk of magnesia. I don't recall ever taking any before in my life. I am turning into a real pill popper but so glad there are meds out there for just about everything under the sun.

Good wishes & thoughts & prayers going to all out there who are walking this same path. I hate that any of us have to deal with this but I am glad that there are others I can 'talk' to.

Creekgirl (not really a Creek...Native American. I just live on a creek).

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