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Gratitude -September 11th 2007


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Just grateful that I still have

the same computer technician

since 1999.....

He met Mike and was able to keep

the loud speaker and the printer

from the first computer Mike gave

me all the rest was changed a few


Just an e-mail or phone call away,

he is ready to install everything

in my new place next month.

Meanwhile I'll just be careful reading

the ''JUST FOR FUN'' section to prevent

another accident.


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I am grateful to wake up in a country where people like my neighbors son are fighting a war to let me be able to do the things I do daily because of an event from 6 years ago!!

AS My Friend Toby keith would say;

american girls and american guys

we'll always stand up and salute

we'll always recognize

when we see old glory flying

there's a lot of men dead

so we can sleep in peace at night

when we lay down our head

Got a friend in 103rd and in 82nd division

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I too am grateful to be living in a country where people are willing to put their lives on the line every day by fighting overseas to keep us safe here at home. I'm grateful that we now have six years of freedom from another attack on our soil. God bless our armed forces and God bless America.

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