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Quick update...


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Hi all,

Haven't been on the board much of late, caught some NASTY little bug and sleep every spare moment I have (and vegetate when I should be awake)...

Met with my oncologist on Monday - NED, next meeting is in December....and if still clear, we go to every three months! Week prior, I met with my family doctor for that "yearly" crap and mentioned some of the ongoing aches and pains and concerns. Having just entered the age group of "baseline", I get to go for a Slam-a-gram next week..BUT, due to abdominal pains, she wanted a look-see at my gall bladder.... Ultrasound showed no stones, BUT...

I MAY be getting some time off in the future and a few MORE scars. She's sending me to consult with a surgeon as the FUNCTION of my bile monster is lacking....

So here's the skinny:

Yee-haw, another GOOD trip to the oncologist...

AND, time off for the holidays with some MAJOR (yeah, right!) sympathy...

On a more serious note, anyone have input on what exactly is involved with the removal of the gall bladder and the "diet" I'll be stuck with?



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Guest Karen C.

I know some folks who have had their gall bladder out recently - they do it now with laproscopy/laser, and you're in and out of the hospital overnight, back to work within a week (if you're working). As far as diet goes, I believe they basically try to keep you off fats, like big fat steaks. You lose the ability to process fats when you lose the gallbladder I think.

Love the term "slam a gram". Very well put!

Take care,

Karen C. (Dave C.'s wife)

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Oh man Becky, I had my gall bladder out and it would have been ok if I wouldn't have had to leave the hospital! They do this as out patient and the last thing you want to do a few hours later is get up and move. It is done with a laproscope so it's just a couple of little incisions and they grab it and pull it out.

Make sure you wear sweats or something comfortable to the hospital so it's easy to get dressed and leave. You'll be bloated so jeans won't fit.

The diet is not bad and you don't have to be on it too long. Best of luck.

Everyone was asking about you in chat, wondering where you've been.

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Hi Becky...I had my gall bladder out several years ago and went back to work 4 days later. I was allowed to do half days, but still had to do a lot of walking during that time! As far as the diet goes, I can eat just about anything with the exception of raw onions. The surgery itself wasn't bad at all. The only problem I had was that they gave me a pain shot that was supposed to make me sleep....wrong! I stayed up the entire night talking to my sister on the phone, she lived in Florida and I live in Arkansas!! I told my husband to be prepared for a large phone bill.

Good luck and God Bless!


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Hey Becky,

My mom had her Gallbladder removed about 10 years ago, it seemed pretty painless (at least from my end :wink: ). I think she said they went in through her bellybutton -- she just had 3 little incisions and from what I can tell at this point, she's not on any type of "diet" - she pretty much eats whatever she wants....(of course, she'll tell you it's a "healthy diet", but her idea of "healthy" and mine differ slightly.... :roll: )


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Hi Becky,

I had my gall-bladder removed by lazer as a 23hr patient. The operation was a sucess, a breeze, but the patient nearly died. I had a reaction to the meds they put me under with and after being sent home sick, was back in 8 hrs and had my stomach pumped out for 3 days and ran a fever for 3 more. Finally came home on the 7th day which was a few days before christmas. Felt great in the gall bladder area. Could have returned to work but decided to take off another 2 weeks because of drs orders....

Was not placed on any diet that I recall. I to have only had prob with raw onions and until now never knew why but saw the post above and that must be why.....

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Hmmm.....well, if I only have to give up raw onions, this diet thing may not be too bad! I stay away from them rascals now, they make me "toot" :oops::lol:

My husband is telling me he now has reasons if he decides to file for divorce - he "paid" for a full package and I'm shedding parts (NOT pounds, darnitall!) right and left! ...and am seriously beginning to look like a knife-fighting biker chick! I only had TWO scars when we married, one from childhood and one from childbearing - I now have the BIG cut, the two "blow hole" scars (and THEM SUCKERS are deep!) and possibly three more coming up... Yikes! :wink:

May be able to join in chat next week - will have to check my schedule. (and then there's those unscheduled crises that seem to pop up...)

"Survivor" tonight! I watch how "bad" those people have it in the chance to win a million dollars...and ENJOY seeing all the swollen bug bites, groddy clothing, disgusting vittles, etc. Let 'em WORK for it! (and PUH-LEEZ, let 'em keep their "parts" covered!) :roll:

Catch ya'll later!


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...and I appreciate the insight to what may be coming - cake walk, so it seems, if all goes well... And then, I read about okdebi's "simple business trip"... :roll:

I'll stop whining about scars and go back to whining about needles...I got both the flu AND pneumonia shot when I visited the GP. Asked about the FluMist up-the-nose thingy...it's expensive! In fact, doctors in the area that ARE using it make sure they have enough patients lined up to use the whole vial...(I think the doc said it was about $200...). I tried to argue against the shots, but got a "get dressed and I'll send my nurse back in with your shots" for my trouble...

I enjoy my GP and her nurse, they're good people. When the nurse called this morning to inform me of the upcoming consult, she said that she giggled for the rest of the day after I left....wonder what brought THAT on? 8)


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Hi, Becky! So glad to hear the good news of NED. As for the gall bladder, that's a piece of cake. I had mine out about three years ago and my 36-year old son just had his out. They don't even cut you open these days, just make four small incisions and pull the thing out. You go home the same day usually. And the recovery is rapid. As for the diet, I have not had to limit anything, but I am already on a limited fat diet. Good luck. Don

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OUCH !!!!! :):):):):)

Yep, Chats just not the same without ya Girl, :P:P So very HAPPY your NED, remember all else pales so CONGRATS to ya.

Love the knife fighten biker chick stuff, I was rollen!! :lol::lol:

Sorry about the gall stones but can't wait for the follow up's

God is blessing ya Girl, see ya in chat Becky! :roll:

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

PS - NED is No Evidence of Disease, for anyone else,

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Way to go woman... as far as the NED is concerned!!

Sorry to hear about the Gall Bladder though...but hey, you keep shedding parts like you said...you'll never have to diet. Wonder how much a gall bladder weighs?? :lol::lol:

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Glad to hear about the NED. I have never had gallblader problems, but two of my sisters have. THe surgery was a breeze, but one complained of shoulder pain. Apparantly the pain is caused from the air they blow you up with when they do the surgery, which settles into te shoulder. Both are eating what ever they like, not on any special diets. Hope all goes well for you!


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