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Calling All SJ/Philly-ites . . .


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I attend a monthly Lung Cancer discussion group through the Wellness Community in Fairmount Park, Phila PA (which I love and find very helpful). In November, they are not having their usual group meeting, but on Sat. the 22nd, they are having a special "Ask the Doctor About Lung Cancer" session. (the Doctor is actually MY oncologist, Dr. James Stephenson from University of Penn -- he's great). He is supposed to discuss new treatment advances with LC and have a question/answer session.

If anyone in the area is interested in attending, you do need to RSVP. You can PM me for more info, if you like!

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Hi, I haven't had any radiation or chemo. I had surgery at Jefferson with Dr. Joseph Friedberg. He had just left Penn. I go to Penn for most of my health care. (too much). Had half my Thyroid removed at Penn last January. They missed my lung cancer at Penn 3 years earlier on a routine x-ray. I also see Dr. Musani at Penn Pulmonary. Dr. Friedberg orders the ct scans. Dr. Stephenson and Musani just double check the scans. I'm going to Penn tomorrow to see my internist. Dr. Cirigliano. I'm sure he'll come up with a list of new tests for me. :)

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