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Anybody hear from Gina - Lives near fire


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Sorry I haven't posted anything about Gina, I didn't have any info... Just received a little bit of info., not sure if her house okay. Gina was in Oregon when the fire started and has not been able to go up and check on her house. Her doctor won't let her go up there, too dangerous to breathe the burned particles up there, which is understandable. She really works for a great company. The company that she works for which is here in Corona, has sent her to work in Scottsdale, AZ until the air clears up here. Not sure when she will be returning. I will keep all of you posted as I find out new information.

Praying that her house was spared. It will be awhile before she can go up and check on it.



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Thanks, for letting us know, Karen. I know others who lived up where Gina's place is, and they're not being allowed in to check on their homes. I'm glad our Gina is safely away from there. It's hard breathing, as I'm sure you know. We have just the smallest amounts of smoke and ash up here right now, but it's still enough to make the eyes red and the chest sting.

Hope you are fairing well where you are.

Fay A.

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