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Adopt a Healthy Food Regime to Fight & Prevent Cancer


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Instead of sharing the disproportionate statistics that affect our society, let's get right to the source and focus on much needed advice.

All forms of cancer are on the rise due to increased stress, the strain-induced lifestyles we lead, and unhealthy eating habits. This is a fact based on the latest study conducted by the National Academy of Naturopathy.

Our body is comprised of trillions of cells that are in a constant state of rejuvenation or cell mutation. If you have unhealthy, harmful eating habits, or are not giving your body what it needs nutritionally, this will determine you’re pre-disposition to cancer and other degenerative diseases.

To that end, cancer can strike at will on whomever, whenever the cells are being starved from oxygen, nutrition and clogged with toxins. Whenever this type of mal-absorption of sufficient nutrients exists, the immune response is severely compromised, thus giving disease a V.I.P. pass within our bodies. So how can we re-gain control over our inner terrain?

We can right away adopt a healthy food regime that contains no chemicals which offers 3 dimensional properties against cancer: preventative, curative and health promotion. What foods contain all three?

1) Organic Cabbage - According to Dr. Murthy of the National Academy of Naturopathy, “cabbage speeds up metabolism of estrogen and is useful in Colon cancer. Carrot juice acts as an antidote to lung cancer”, says Dr Murthy.

2) Beet Juice - This is rich in sodium, potassium, prosperous, calcium, sulphur, vitamins B1, B2, B6 niacin which is known to have cancer curing powers.

3) Organic Juices in the citrus family - These include lemon, orange and grapefruit. Spinach, lettuce and broccoli juice act as antioxidants.

4) Raw Fruits and Vegetables - On a daily basis, no less than 100-150 grams of organic fruits, 100 grams of raw leafy vegetables, 1 fruit or 175-ml. of fruit or vegetable fruit juice should be consumed as the ideal nutritious meal. A clean source of protein is essential for healthy cell function. The first preference for protein source should be raw and meatless.

5) Wheat Grass Juice - This repairs damaged cells and a cancer patient should be advised to eat fiber rich foods like bran, oats, barley, along with Spirulina to boost nutritional value.

These are 5 quick healthy additions to implement into your everyday lifestyle of preventative actions. We should all be reminded that lifestyle changes go a long way in reducing your risk and if already diagnosed with cancer; increasing your overall quality of life and life expectancy.

Other external factors should be guarded against such as exposure to carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substances and toxins. We should become well-informed of all possible culprits.

While conventional methods of cancer treatments are preferred by some, there are many safe, natural alternatives readily available. These alternative methods are in most cases much more effective, as they offer a fresh approach of drugless options.

Unlike conventional treatments that destroy healthy tissue and cells, alternative treatments offer a holistic approach with heavy emphasis on reviving cellular function with enzymes, nutrients and detoxification.

Start protecting yourself so that you will be on the proactive, not reactive side!

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Christine--I'm assuming that this is a reprint from somewhere. If it's your original prose, I apologize for that assumption.

Two quick points:

1. Does Dr. Murthy present ANY evidence to support those contentions?

2. As a complement to traditional treatment, at least one of the suggestions can be quite dangerous. Grapefruit products change the metabolism of some drugs (including Tarceva, for instance). Having grapefruit juice while taking Tarceva can result in an effectively larger dose, which could increase side effects like rash, diarrhea, and liver changes to an unacceptable level.

That said, I'm sure I'm not the only one who can stand to reevaluate their diet. Less fast food, more of most of the stuff in your post would be good, I'm sure!--neilb

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One more thing and then I'll stop. It would be great if "carrot juice acts as an antidote to lung cancer." I could stop taking my Tarceva, get rid of the side effects, save money, and get cured. But, the EVIDENCE that is available suggests that beta carotene may actually promote lung cancer in smokers and ex-smokers. Here's an article summarizing that research. The actual research is readily available via Pubmed and other medical search engines.

http://www.cancer-news-watch.com/2005/0 ... ng-cancer/

I'm not saying that people shouldn't take supplements. I take some. I'm certainly not saying that traditional medicine is all that there is. What I am saying, though, is that if you search online, you can find someone who says virtually anything and everything (try Googling the phrase "Hitler didn't kill any Jews"; you get six hits that try to sound authoritative). That doesn't make it true. Sometimes, that doesn't matter. When we start presenting as expertise stuff that actually may endanger people's treatments, I think that's a problem.--neilb

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Perhaps I should have added this disclaimer, because I don't necessarily agree with something just because I post it.

I will post something if I believe it might be of interest to this community. It is the responsibility of each patient/caregiver/family member who gathers information from ANY post on this board to do their own research and speak with their medical team in order to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare.

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Christine--That's very reasonable, and I appreciate all of your efforts. I didn't think you were necessarily advocating this course, but sometimes it's hard to tell. One thing that might help is if, when you post something, you also post the source. That lets people evaluate it more easily (like you just did with your post on screening, which contained a source for the news article, and a source for the medical journal article it was derived from; that's perfect). Besides, the author of the article probably wants to get credit when you use her words anyway.

Also, you need to remember that not everyone who reads here knows that they have responsibility, etc. Instead, what they see is Christine (who is a Moderator, whatever that is, they may say, but it sounds authoritative), is advocating this, and she's quoting a doctor who says things about how great this is. What's more, this Christine person also says that "These alternative methods are in most cases much more effective". That's what it looks like to an uninitiated observer.

Would you feel comfortable if someone (regardless of their being responsible for their own treatment) stopped their chemotherapy because of this post? I'm sure that's not your intention. I'm sure your intention is to post relevant information to help people in this community. Let me say again that I appreciate that, and I know I have benefited from some of your posts in the past.

It's frustrating to know that there isn't always something we can do to fight this awful disease, but I think it's really important that we try to get each other the best information.

All my best to you!--Neil

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Thanks Katie. Yes, I usually post the link as well as the article, however I recently stopped doing so because it seemed to me to be redundant.

Since it was pointed out to me how easily readers could become confused by what I post, I will resume the inclusion of the article link with each post.

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Katie--As I indicated in my post:

1. I admire all of Christine's efforts on our behalf (and I admire yours as well).

2. The post she had on the lung cancer screening question was exemplary (I think the word I used was "perfect".

I certainly understand the terms of service, etc. I think, though, that just as readers are responsible for their own care, posters should take responsibility for their own posts. Someone coming across that "eat healthy" post from Christine would have to assume it was her view. There is no hint whatsoever that it's an article from "Black News".

If someone is going to post things of interest, it's reasonable for other people to offer their views on them.

Three other things:

1. I don't care if a link is posted. On the other hand, identifying the source is pretty much always a good idea. Especially if the goal is to provide people with information and let them evaluate it for themselves, identifying the source is key. And the source probably likes that as well!

2. I agree that it's ludicrous to expect that anyone posting anything will be able to vouch for its truth. As you pointed out, we're generally not medical professionals. I don't think, though, that we want to post everything that might be of interest without any thought as to how plausible it might be. If this were a history board, I would not think you'd want people posting things that say, "Hitler never killed any Jews." It may be interesting, but it's not plausible.

3. I don't know Christine. I've already praised her. I've indicated that I have found many of her posts to be personally useful. I also know that someone I respect who does know Christine personally says she's a wonderful person. Viva Christine!



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Along the lines of nutrition and health here are two very good books:

Beating Cancer With Nutrition by Patrick Quillan

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell & Thomas M. Campbell II

I personally drink wheatgrass juice on a daily basis and I have felt a renewed energy since I've started. There are numerous books out there about Wheatgrass juicing and it's benefits. My integrative medicine doctor recommended it.

Although I think everyone must decide for themselves what is right for them - I beleive good nutrition makes for a healthy body AND fights disease. I don't think you can go wrong here.


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I guess I'm a little late in the game, but I would like to say "as a 27 year smoker" that I have been advised that Tarceva would be about 2% to 8% effective for my cancer according to two different oncologist's, because I am a woman who did smoke. I wonder how many billions of dollars were spent on it? I'm glad it's there for the non smokers, however as a "reformed smoker" I really appreciate any and all alternative method idea's out there. I have used them since the beginning of my diagnosis, along with conventional chemo. See Enrol's page as he seems to be a mighty fighter who also uses supplements. It is really hard to keep faith and hope, no person should knock any alternative med and all persons should check into them personally before trying them. Whew!!! I feel much better. :D

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