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Help with the Cold


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My husband is so cold all the time. We know his red blood counts are staying low - around 9 - but he can't seem to warm up. Obviously he's been wearing his long johns and keeping a blanket on but any suggestions on other ways to get warm and stay warm. Are there any meds to help with this?

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Has he lost alot of weight? My dad was ALWAYS freezing and she thought it was mostly due to his loss of weight.

Space heaters are always a good option. What about those things you crack and put into gloves. Could you stock up and put them in his shirt? Just a thought!

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There are a bunch of reasons he might feel cold, but other than bundling up, one other potentially easily fixable problem could be that he's a little hypothyroid. It's not really, really common with cancer or chemo, but a blood test can either rule it out or clarify if that's a cause. And thyroid replacement medication can treat it.

Not likely, but easy to check and fix if that happens to be the cause.

-Dr. West

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