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Happy 73rd Birthday Mom!


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Today, on what would have been my mother's 73rd birthday, I buried her ashes in an urn under the most beautiful sky and most perfect autumn day in New Jersey. I wrote her a letter and tucked it into a stainless steel cylinder with a picture of my mom - and I buried it in the urn with her ashes.

It was far more difficult than I'd expected but the day was so perfect that I just had to believe she had some hand in that. I told her how much I loved her and I apologized for being so short tempered so many times and that I, too, forgave her for her shortcomings. But that I miss her even more than I'd imagined I could and that I expect that to last until I draw my last breath.

Then I motioned over for the cemetery caretaker to come over and he uncovered the grave. I placed my mom's urn on the bottom and he asked if I wanted him to cover it then, which I did. So he shoveled in the dirt and I watched until it was level with the earth and I left feeling good about that. I needed to know she was safe and that I'd carried out her wishes to the letter.

I then went to lunch with a girlfriend of mine and we toasted a glass of chardonnay to mom in celebration of her birthday.

God I love that lady who drove me insane. :)

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