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Decadron Side Effects?


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My mother took them and felt like a million bucks for a week.

Her mood became "ballsy" to say the least. She definitely had a much lower tolerance for things that annoyed her. And basically became imatient easily and insistent.

After about a week the strength in her legs began to go(which the doctor said they would).

She also didn't sleep at all on the decadron.

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I can't say they make me feel great since I was not having pain to begin with but I have alot of blotting. Like uncomfortable feel like I am 4 months prego bloating. My face looks like a blowfish haha and it I have NO tolerance for stupid people right now and there is alot. haha I should be finishing them Tuesday I hope. They have been lowering my dose each week. Oh yeah I eat way to much right now which I don't like. But I only have 3 more radiations left. YEAH!!!! If you have any other questions just let me know.

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Hi Peachy,

The only experience my husband had was very minimal as he only took a small amount I think the day before his chemo treatment, so it did not effect him at all.

You have heard from some people already who were on it longer.

I wish you luck on your WBR treatments.

Please keep us posted on how your are doing. I know you said you were only going to tell your son, but support from family is also so important.

Also know that we are here for you 24/7. You are never alone on here.


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