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Decadron Side Effects?


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Hi Peachy,

Just so I am clear, didn't you ask this question in one of the other Forums? No biggy, just testing my memory. :?:wink: I think several members gave you good advice.

Rich gave you a couple of websites to check out from the other forum so I will repost them here for you.



Decadron is a steroid and will cause increase appetite, anxiety, sleeplessness, mood swings, wieght gain and several other things. Your doctor should have given you a list of side effects so you area aware as well.

It is given to help control brain swelling, and it is given to help control siezures.

Best wishes.

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The information Connie gave you is what my son experienced from Decadron during his brain tumor treatment. He had surgery followed by 6 weeks of fractionated raditaion and about a year of chemo. When they were able to decrease the dosage and finally stop the decadron the effects stopped.

It is my understanding the dosage has an impact on the severity of any possbile side effects. Your doc should explain what these could be.

Many prayers being sent your way.

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Connie mentioned the general side effects. Let me add a big emphasis on the emotional toll steroids can have. My mom experienced huge swings in her emotions. Another little known side effect of long-term use of steroids is diabetes.

If anyone particular happens with the steroids, please feel free to ask and I can try to help.

Good luch to you guys.

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In my case the decadron may have caused the deteriation of my hips. I have had total hip replacement on both left and right hips. I also had the mood swings with lots of anger issues. Your doctor will most likely wean you off slowly. It can cause many problems if you just quit.

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