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Lets hear about the positive side of lung cancer


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We all hear and read about the negative side of lung cancer so lets hear the positive side of it. Tell us (that includes caregivers, anyone) how you deal with it, with life, family and friends etc.

For me my journey with lung cancer has been very positive and a learning experience about people and life. Everything has fallen into place as I go along. Everyone has been so supportive and positive and not one single person ever said why bother or gave me a hard time because I have lung cancer. I still have a life, still enjoy things, still can laugh and be myself. Focus on living and what I can do. Have my moments but they are few and far in between, it’s wasted energy, counter-productive and serves no purpose. I don’t shut anyone else because I have lung cancer or for that matter any of my health issues. They do not shut me out, there the ones I love and who love me that mean so much to me and do so much for me. Never got angry, felt sorry for myself, took it out on anyone or said why me God. Not going to change a single thing. It’s what life is all about-- adversity and how one looks at it and what one is going to do about it. I chose to control cancer (and my other health issues) and not let cancer control me. My motto is always could be worse, lock and load and lets kick some *ss. When it’s all said and done I can say God blessed me with a good life. I have the right people in my life that made all the differences and makes life worth living every step of the way. SO MANY THANKS TO THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN-- My wife, my daughter, my best friend, family/friends, LCSC Members, my many doctors/nurses, :D Boston Area Lung Cancer Walk/Fun Run Committee, LUNGevity and so many many more who have come into my life along my journey. Yep God does like me and I’m one lucky b*stard.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend!


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Friends, friends, friends, FRIENDS and MORE NEW AND WONDERFUL FRIENDS!!! Sincere, honest, kind, loving, caring, devoted, supportive, NEW FRIENDS I have made on this journey.

These Wonderful Friends, have seen me at my worst, cried with me when I was sad, laughed with me when I laughed, held me when I was scared, comforted me when I was alone and overwhelmed with fear and sadness.

The positive side of being a lung cancer survivor is having all these wonderful lung cancer survivor/caregiver FRIENDS in my LIFE! THANK GOD FOR FRIENDS!!!

And without skipping a beat I couldn't have done this journey without my AWESOME FAMILY!! Thank you Lord for all that you have given me.

I'm a lucky girl! :wink::D

I'll have to add the rest later, I'm leaving and in a hurry right now.

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Rich, thanks so much for starting this thread. I've been thinking along similar lines for a while, something to go along with the orchid item I posted a few days ago marking my first year after diagnosis.

In one of my first posts to the community last September, I mentioned a friend who became a quadriplegic following a near-fatal accident in a remote section of Kauai, and how successful and happy he's become in the years following that tragic event.

He came by a couple of evenings ago to drop off a printing job for me to trim on my large cutter, and after he demonstrated the automatic ramp and other features of his new van we talked for over an hour in my driveway. I told him about the sudden shift in perspective I had in my hospital room last year, and he went into detail about his own remarkable experience more than 10 years ago. He was also eager to share his recent good fortune, some personal and business opportunities that have fallen into place, and we talked about other people we've known or read about whose lives changed for the better after an event that most would consider the worst thing imaginable.

Such stories are not just bravado, and they are far more than simply summoning up the courage to make the best out of a horrible situation. They represent a new direction, almost the beginning of a new life. My friend and I used different terms to explain such events -- he with distinctly religious overtones as a born-again Christian, me with more of a non-religious universal frame of reference -- but I see them as the same in essence.

Before I'm misunderstood (if I haven't been already), I hasten to add that the positive changes I'm talking about here are in the person with the disability or disease, not their caregivers or other family members. Stories might be found there too, but that's a different ballgame.

I'd love to go on, but 1500 envelopes are waiting in my garage workshop, expecting to be printed by noon. Aloha to all,


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Hey Rich...

Great thread you started buddy...would be great to hear the positive's of having LC...

To me having had LC.. changed my life in a heart beat...but as time went on and I realized that I have been blessed that I am still here with my wonderful family and friends and my cyber friend's..like here like right here on this board...I have managed to accept it...but as I said before on a couple of my posts...I refuse to let LC run my life...(althou I get petrified at scan time) and I refuse to live a "new normal'...NO!!!!...I am living a normal life...but many of my prespective's have changed...I don't sweat the small stuff anymore.

My family and friends treat me the way they have treated me before LC and that is how I want it to be...Sure I have my bouts of fear of the unknown...

but after a few prayer's...it's gone...I am a Christian. woman..I have a lot of faith and that is what has brought me this far...God is so good...

Rich...after reading your profile...you are such an inspiration...You have such a great attitude after all you have been thru....I wish you the very best for you to continue to lead an eventful life and to continue your good spirits...

I also was BAC and just recently had a scare with a

'possible lymph node enlargement" and after the PET Scan ..turned out to be nothing....I pray the same for you...Please let us know...

Ok kids...so that's it...that's how I feel right now...tomorrow may be another story and I will deal with it...prayers to all and will alway's pray for the cure...hugs...Pam/Nonni

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There is a positive side to lung


But there is also a positive side

to all kind of cancer.

''Thank you Rich''

your post will help me.

I will just say I have cancer since

1975 and now have two cancers...since


So I know both sides for a long time

and even with the loss of Mike I still

say there is a very positive side with

lc, we have to look for it but it is



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The positive side is that now I appreciate the little things. I have grown much closer to people and have reconnected with others that I lost contact with or that I wasn't close to before cancer.

I have changed in many ways- I'm kinder, I do more for people, I donate more money than I ever did before and I am just a better person.

I hope it's ok that I posted in the survivors forum--

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Thanks Guys! I always enjoy reading the positive side of something. Very uplifting. I hope we here from more (everyone involved-- patient, caregiver, family member, fried) members- COME ON GUYS!

Connie – Thanks for sharing your thoughts and what got you this far. You are an inspiration to anyone traveling this road.

Ned – When I read stories like that (as well yours) gentlemen I’m always amazed at the human spirit, how much one can over come and say to myself I don’t have it so bad after all. Thanks, I enjoyed reading that.

Don – Subtle changes make a difference too and your attitude is amazing, thanks for sharing.

Nonni – I love your attitude, spunk and out look on life. It is very inspirational. Thanks for the kind words. I go for a Pet Scan on 9/14/07 and not sure when for the biopsy yet. Will post an update (so far I have it updated in my profile so I won't forget LOLOL) when I get the game plan, hopefully soon.

Jackie – I’m very sorry you are dealing with two cancers. Please know you are in my prayer and I always enjoy reading your posts. Hard enough with one but two. I admire your courage and strength. Thanks for sharing.

Rochelle – Of course you can post here, I want to here from everyone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts from a caregiver’s perspective. It gives us all hope from the other side of the coin!

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The recurrence of my lung cancer change me a lot. I discover what a wonderfull person was my 2nd. husband Bob. Always on my side & with my kids, planning trips for us, inviteing my friends from Argentina to came & visit. I need to work a little bit more on the depression side, but yes I start enjoing life much more.. and the beauty of discover all of you.... always my support.

But really I could be much better with out it, but I thank God that I am here after 5 years & will fight to stay for long long time if I can.

love bucky

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As a caregiver--the good side for me is the people here I've learned so much about how this evil disease touches so many regardelss of class, race, gender, etc. It's also been interesting to see the effect on my father. The year before my mom's disgnosis he suffered a mild stroke, heart attack and had triple bypass surgery. He seemed very depressed afterwards because he had to stop working (at 80!) and just didn't see much point in anything. After mom's dx he seems to have a purpose again. It's not that her disease has cheered him up, but he has a focus now and seems to have come out of his depression.

I think mom would pratty much say the diesease sucks, I've not heard her make any comments about positives, but I will ask her.


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My dad hasn't gotten to the positive side yet, but mom always says:

1. Her early retirement from work :)

2. Easier parking with her handicap placard (we are a family who laughs at ourselves b/c laughter covers the tears at times)

3. The kindness of others. When someone does something for her, in her honor, etc, the feeling is undescribable for all of us actually.

4. Her team of drs, and in particular her oncologist. We love and adore and worship her oncologist and his phyisican assistant.

5. Not worrying about the small stuff.

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Great thread. The positives for me are that

-I learned how caring and good most people truly are. Just yesterday a mom at my son's soccer game came over to me and said to me "I want to do something for you but don't know what to offer. Please tell your daughter that if she needs anything or help in highschool to come see me" (she happens to be a math teacher at the highschool. So many people who I don't really know go out of their way to help my family. I still find that amazing.

-I learned how many people are truly ill and suffering. I spent my time rushing through life before to even notice. I am much more compassionate today.

-I learned what a truly amazing strong teenager I raised. My oldest daughter has handled this so well.

-I realized how strong I truly am. I enjoy life most days, I parent, I work, I cook, I clean the house, I take the kids to CCD, Soccer and dance on the weekends and I absolutely refuse to cry more than I will laugh.


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Hard to go to two places for

the positive side of cancer,

just have so much time at the

moment to write and just posted

under the thread of Katie.

Volunteer with cancer patients

since 1975, when I got cancer

I saw and still see the beautiful

and positive side of cancer after

all those years.

Rich, I make you a promise after

I moved and get installed will

have more time to write and will

do it. Just want to know where

I will have to post it.

You have to keep this thread going,

it is so needed by everybody, even

those that are negative.



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Rich, Connie, Mary Ann.....and everybody else.al all of you are so wonderfull!!!give all of us the more negative ones a breath of life and happines. Thank you very much. Is so nice to wake up in the morning and look at the skies, listen to my grandchild & prepare lunch to my son that is always rushing to go to school. I learn ho to be gratefull of having 4 great kids, 2 grand kids & a wonderfull husband.That I will not gave up.Life is unique, friend are the best & talk to you next week. I am on myay to california.Have a good week, gracias again

love bucky :wink:

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I am not going to lie. When I first saw this thread I thought you all were crazy! How on earth could there be anything good about cancer!!! However, when forced to think how things have changed for the positive, I see that there really has been a positive here...

1. I was able to share my faith with my family. We prayed together, and they were faced with the reality of a God, a God we turn to for support, guidance, and love. I have been the God nut in our family until now, and now we all see that without Him, none of us could have made it.

2. I was avoiding taking my post pardem meds, and thus barking at my kids, and being down-and-out with my daughter's colic and life's general struggles. When dad was diagnosed, I said, what the heck...and my parenting has totally changed. My patience is here, and I can see the big picture.

3. We relish in the small stuff now...sitting around a fire with the kids, roasting marshmallows for each other, and enjoying each other's company.

4. Recognizing the small improvements in dad brightens my day. I have started calling home every day, checking in as well as sharing my day.

Thank you for this post. We have to realize the subtle gifts we are given amongst the seemingly disaster!


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:D Oh Rich im so glad You posted this.

My positive side is I never knew how many wonderful friends I had until Lc.So many offers to drive me to drs and for treatments.even my boss offered.They know i dont drive and my boss actually said if I ever needed a ride to call him and if he couldnt leave hed send one of my friends from work.

Amazing how many people are there for us.And then theres all my friends on this board whom ive grown so close to.

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Lilly-- That's fantastic how you approach things and get on with life, you sure are an inspiration to many. Thanks for sharing!

Jackie-- Would love to hear more about your volunteer with cancer patients. Will indeed try to keep this thread going. Thanks again Jackie!

Bucky-- Kids add a whole new dimension to the meaning of life. Thanks again for your thoughts.

Jen-- Sane is overrated :lol:-- but seriously glad to read about the positive side and how you deal with things. Thanks.

Marie-- It's amazing how many people are willing to step up to the plate and help-- makes it so much easier for sure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Randy-- Yep I agree, thanks!

Thanks again everyone for sharing your positive side off lung cancer. I really enjoyed reading them and it offers so much hope to so many, that there is a flip side to the coin. Hope to hear from more (patient, caregiver, family, friends, anyone) members!

Take care and God Bless,


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  • 1 month later...

Barb I'm so glad that you are finding the good things to build on which helps tremendously in our journey's-- thanks for sharing.

Another positive side of my journey was when Geri (another member) approached me early last year about doing a Boston walk through LUNGevity. We thought we would get together with a few family/friends, raise a little money, walk around a park, go have a couple of beers afterward and that would be that. Thanks to all the hard work from Rochelle, all the committee members and so many people involved from all over the (including many from the board) country it took off beyond our wildest dreams. Something I will never forget. There is alway something positive to build on!

Would love to hear from more (patient, caregiver, family, friends, anyone) members!

Take care and God Bless,


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