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Can someone please tell me if this is true

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Maybe once upon a time that might have been true. It used to be the threat of the tumor pushing on the windpipe would cut off the airway completely as well as ability to take in food and liquids.

But, just being on oxygen because of constriction does not designate a limited time left anymore.

There are now other procedures they use if things continue to grow and push on the windpipe. There is a procedure they can do that basically goes in and stretches the esophagus to open the passage and compress/move the tumor a bit. They can also put a stent into the esophagus to hold the passage open as well.

No one can say that this is the marker for a decline, or that she only has a couple of weeks left.

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Carleen, thanks for your reply. She has had a brachtherapy (internal radiation)procedure done. She is still getting chemo (topotecan and Avistan). We are hoping that one of these will take the tumor away. It is strange, because she is eating well. VERY WELL!

Thanks Rich for your prayers.

Love to all,


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My mom has been extremely SOB since the very first wrong Dx of pneumonia back in March. The dr said it was the cancer pressing on that area. She has 2 nods in her lymph nodes in that area. When she was in the hospital this summer they cleaned out an infection and she has been great ever since. It really helped. Just recently, in the past week or so I've noticed the SOB returning. They said she might go back and forth with severe SOB. I wonder if there is anything they can do to help your sister out - along with the oxygen. =)

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