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Lets hear the Positive side of cancer....


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Stolen (by permission of course!) from Rich's post in the LC Survivors forum.


We all hear and read about the negative side of lung cancer so lets hear the positive side of it. Tell us how you deal with it, with life, family and friends etc. The positive side of cancer....

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The negative that cancer brought to our lives is obvious and we feel it everyday...but here are my positives-

Meeting people who ARE beating this disease everyday.

Making life-long friends, I would never have made had it not been for lung cancer.

Realizing on a daily basis how special and short life is, and to not take anything or those I love for granted.

Also, the realization that life is short has made me acutely aware of how to "let go" of the things I can't change and the people who poison my soul- when before it would tear at me and emotionally handicap me.

And this place- THIS is a positive for me.

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Learning not to take anyone for granted

Enjoy the small things.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

You have little control over things that you think

you have control over....so just let go.

Don't expect anything and you won't be disappointed.

Live each day like it's your last.

Eat chocolate and don't feel guilty about it!


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To me the beautiful thing about cancer is that it allowed me to spend 8 months with my husband uninterupted by his work ( away from home 14 hrs a day) and to really know his likes, loves and deep spiritual aliveness. It was a gift of time that I needed to be able to let him go ahead of me to Heaven.

Thanks for this thread.


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I have to mostly ditto Katie.

First of all, find YOU all. I am so glad I haven't had to go through this alone.

Another vote for realizing what is really important in life, and living so that there are no regrets.

My children learning that family takes care of each other, no matter what. Also learning what real strength, courage, and heroes look like. They may not make trading cards for our survivors and battlers, but I don't see any of you in illegal dog fighting or other such nonsense.

:) Kelly

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Learning to give more of myself

Alowing God to chart my path

Fimding friends here

Enjoyng each DAY!!


Not being as judemental

Money is not everything

Learning to allow others to help me when I need it

Spending time doing the things that make me happy

Spending time doing things to make others happy

Wathing the hummingbirds

I could go on but the main one is that my Faith in God has grown so much.

I am happy here but not afraid to die -it is the next step in this life He gave us.

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From a family member point of view. I will post from my mom's view in Survivors

1. Learning who really does care about us.

2. No longer "sweating the small stuff". I used to stress over every day things, now I just don't. Many people comment that I do not seem like a new mom b/c I don't freak out when a baby cries, etc. I say it is not life or death. However when I see that first swollen lymph node from a cold, watch out ;)

3. I have become a better person in that I want to help people more, I want to raise money, be more involved, etc.

4. I appreciate each day.

5. I have a greater knowledge of medical issues so that I know what I need to ask doctors since they often don't think outside the box.

6. Through my own experience, I can give advice to others on how to be "pushy" and their own health advocate.

7. Already have a great team of drs in place in case of future issues. It can be hard searching out the best.

8. All of the friends I have made here.

9. My fertility dr commented that I handled the two years of treatments, failed attempts, miscarriages better than most. My point of view was that it was not life threatening, I would get a baby one way or the other.

10. I see the world differently than I used to.

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Well there are many things that have been a positive for me...

1. I have been allowed to spend quality time with my grandpa

2. I have made many friends

3. I've learn not to take things for granite

4. I have learned who my true friends are

5. What a wonderful employer I have

6. What an awesome husband I have to help me to take care of my grandpa

7. I have learned to be patient

8. I have learned to be creative..... how to make food with many calories.... (All of my friends are starting to think I have an eating disorder because I can tell you how many calories are in EVERYTHING)

9. I have had to be patient with god & allow him to run my life

10 and lastly I have found this wonderful website..Many days when I am down I read these post & some picks me up & others make me realize that we are not in bad shape.

THanks ya'll for everything

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Just one positive from each

member would amount to a lot.

Those already posted are really

very good.

When there is a bad day, we can

always hope for a better one.

When we have a good day, we can

always hope for many more like it.

I work as a volunteer with cancer

patients since 1975 and never found

it depressing, always inspiring.

Year ago not much that doctor could do

and still we could help patients with

their attitude and bring up some hope.

Now with all the new treatments and

medication offered and working it is

easier for us.

One day, Katie I should find time to

write about the positive side of

cancer from my experience with the

thousands of patients I met.


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I suppose one of the positive things that has come out of my mums situation is that I have learned so much...

I learnt that my mum is so strong, I thought when she was diagnosed so would not be able to handle all this, all the tests and treatment, but she has totally proven me wrong she is strong and determined. And i have learnt from this that you can deal with and fight the most awful things that happen in your life.

I have learnt the little things in life that seemed scary... are not scary anymore. Because someone so near me has had to deal with cancer I realise other things in life really arent that difficult, if mum can do this i can do anything

I have learnt that "Health is the best wealth" my mum always said that but its only now you realise all the money in the world doesnt matter. Once you have your health you can do anything.

I have learnt that my sisters are amazing they have done so much for my mum and also helped me so much. They would do anything for mum. I am lucky to have them

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The beginning was very difficult....for all of us I'm sure. You are drawn to that "dark side" every moment when you first hear the Dx. But someone told me that once my mom started her treatment and you feel that you have a plan, it gets better. Those words were so true. So, once it was no longer new and shocking...I started to see changes in my mom.

A woman who was once so angry at the world, who couldn't say "no", who felt that everyone had it better, who struggled with the way her life ended up, who lived with anxiety and frustration and who always gave so much of herself that it hurt her financially and mentally .......suddenly became a woman of patience and calmness, who was focussed on love and those who matter, driven to fight for herself like she never had before. She became this woman who believed that SHE was worth fighting for. She believed that life is precious and every beautiful day is a gift. She said that it's time to watch TV less and pay attention more to the little things in life. She turned off the TV and started to relax with books....reading has been something she never had time to do. This summer she has read 15 books! She says "no" when she doesn't want to do something, she tells people that her health is more important than a night out drinking and eating. She still enjoys the company of her friends....but now it's for the company and laughter.....not to escape life's stress. She makes every moment with my girls and I so special. She doesn't get annoyed with bad drivers or rude bank tellers. In the past 4 months I've learned so much from my mom. She has taught me more about the value of life since her Dx than she had in all my 37 years. It's all so beautiful...in an awkward way.....

But as I sit here with hot tears burning my eyes and rolling down my cheeks I can't help but feel bitter about the irony & WHY life works the way it does. Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair.....

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Believe it or not Alan and I have found many blessings since his diagnosis.

If it is possible we love and cheerish each other even more.

Alan has mended the fences he felt needed mending

We learned who our true friends are and hold them

closer than ever.

I have found a passion in volunteering at the hospital and sitting on a couple of committees.

We have made new friends with the people who have

treated Alan, we see them outside the office. I play

softball with them go to dinner with them.

Our lives are more enriched now that 2.5 years ago.

and if it rains on the Parade, dance like you haven't

a care in the world!!!

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My Mom's diagnosis has brought out a side of my Dad that she has been waiting 48 years to see. This would be the nurturing & caring side - that was just a difficult thing for him to do.

I've spent 41 years watching them hold hands and act "lovey dovey", which as a kid I said "YUCK!" Of course as an adult it was nice to see, but now that this other part of my Dad has emerged I have so much more fondness for him, as does my Mom. Over the years I've always said that I was looking for a guy like my Dad......I settled for less a few times. Watching my Dad has absolutely CONVINCED me that I will indeed wait until a guy like my Dad comes along.

This diagnosis has touched me in ways that I'm sure will change my life.

Be Blessed,


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I've realized how important family really is. I'm grateful since I have spent more time with my mom this past year than in my whole 33 yrs, I insisted that she move in with us when she was diagnosed. I got pregnant earlier than we had planned since my mom was sick - so I also have a gift of a beautiful baby girl this past February - due to cancer. I notice and enjoy the things you take for granted - being outside, my friends, being alive.

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