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current survivor joining the force


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My name is Sherlyn and I was diagnosed with SCLC, Extensive stage in February of this year.

I went through 6 rounds of Etoposide and Carboplatin, 3 days in a row, every 3 weeks. On July 3rd my Doctor told me I was in remission, Aug 29th he told me the tumor has grown back slightly. We are going to scan again October 16th to see if it has grown more, if so I start maintenance chemo after that. I have a meeting to go now, but I will check in again later.

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Welcome..when you get more time update your profile with your history.

My Mom was DX Sept/06 with Ext Small cell.

To be honest with you-I don't know if I would wait until October to see "how much" that tumor has grown. Small cell can get BIG QUICK! My Mom's is back in her liver and they are right on top of things with her.

If you want to PM me anytime feel free.


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Hi Sherlyn,

Welcome here. Sorry the monster showed it ugly head again. But we are here to help you through this.

You seem to be a fighter and that is what you have to do. Many people on here have your diagnosis and are doing fine after treatment.

Keep us posted.


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