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Gratitude - September 14th 2007


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Today I'm grateful to

DR. Myhal, rheumatologist

that accepted me as a patient

in 2006, I was in pain since

a year and my pink cloud changed

color fast when told there was

no treatment for me and soon

I would be bedridden.

Dr. Myhal was in charge of the

rheumatology at the hospital, but

had to resign when he got cancer

and was absent for over a year.

Now he has a private practice where

two days a week, when he is not

in treatment, helps those that

had no more hope for a normal life.

Thanks to him and many crazy devices

we are working on I'm still hopping

along quite well.

Thank you Dr. Myhal.


Cancer for him was an oblgatory

pension, now instead he is happier

working two days a week and working

now with an engineer starting in a

new field always with his patients

in mind.

What cancer can do to/for you.......

this line is for Rich

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I'm grateful that Jackie is going in the right direct with her health-- I love to read about positive, uplifting stories and admire/respect the human spirit and determination. Dr. Myhal is one very special person and yes your right Jackie cancer can do so much in so many ways. Thanks for putting things into perspective.

Take care, enjoy your day and weekend Jackie!


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I am thankful for Jackie for doing this and her getting the treatment she needs to help her. I am going to try and say something daily for being thankful for because I am very blessed. Rich thank you for starting your thread about about the good about cancer. I have enjoyed reading everybodys replys.

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