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Click on this link and see the video to the left hand side.

you will see me ask a question on Day TWO of the conference... "What would you do about the disparity of cancer research..."

the rest of the question was cut off!! It was supposed to be, disparity of cancer research funding, for example, lung cancer is the number 1 cancer killer, yet it is the least funded.

Oh well....

(Don't laugh, my hair was in a bun- 7:00 am checkout and then stand in line at the conference time came really early for me that day...HAHA)

http://www.livestrong.org/site/c.khLXK1 ... _Forum.htm

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hehehe...you're way too kind Christine...

See my avatar? Fresh faced and ready for an interview....nadda- nope- nothing on that day....not until day 2 when I looked like THAT did the cameras zoom in....

Murphy's Law....

Cest la vie! Minus me- the video was awesome wasn't it?

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