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Happy Birthday My Love


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Today Keith would have been 36.

Normally today I would be be filled with excitement and anticipation as I prepared for a day that was all about Keith. We always made sure to celebrate birthdays big, because we were always so grateful that this was the day that God brought our loved ones into our lives. I would be planning some big surprise or other, wrapping gifts, getting an ice cream cake (Keith didn't like standard cakes, crazy man), organizing times to get together with family and friends as there were so many people who loved Keith and would want to see him on his special day. Instead today is empty. I find the pain unbearable today. I know it should be easier because this is the second birthday without him, but the first was so close to his passing that it went by in a blur during a period where I was so numb.

I miss him so much. I love him so much! I feel every cell in my body screaming out for him. Why? Why? Why? Cancer sucks!!!!!



I hope birthdays in heaven are as wonderful as there were when we were together.

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My prayers are with you. I had forgotten that your Keith and my Charlie had the same birthday. Charlie would have been 55 today.

I was doing ok until I talked to my daughter and she was struggling. It tore my heart out.

We celebrated anyway with a cake and ice cream after going out to dinner. We've established a new place to eat...so it isn't like what we use to do.


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Yes Carleen ~ CANCER SUCKS! Keith was way too YOUNG, way too HANDSOME and way too SPECIAL to be taken from you like that. My heart breaks for you as you struggle with these special days (and getting through all the ordinary days as well.)

Of course birthdays in heaven are even more glorious and someday you will see that when you are reunited with your love. But you've got some living to do here on earth still sweetie and I hope someday soon you find it much easier to do!

Hang in there!


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I can only imagine what it is like to have lost a true love soooo young. We dont know. Most of the people here do not know. My Mom happened to be in the midst of her lung cancer when I joined and I remember thinking Good Grief, this guy is sooooo young. I think I will remember that part of this forum for all of my remaining days. I wanted him to get better. I wanted my Dear Sweet Mom to get better and I wanted this young guy who never smoked, and had such a sweet loving wife, to get BETTER. It is sad, it was the worst part of my life watching her suffer, and yet I would give ANYTHING to spend some more of my life helping her with her treatment, so would you. I dont know Carleen, I will never understand the young ones, I just never will. Hang in there hon, that is all we can do =) Gayle Lost her Mom in 2004

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