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Surpassed Fundraising Goal

Andrea B.

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In honor of my mom and lung cancer awareness month...I am going on a 6 mile hike this Saturday, with my friend and we will be wearing our lung cancer awareness tshirts I made. I asked friends and family for pledges. I initially set a goal of raising $500, but I quickly surpassed that and have raised $1,200! YEAH!!! All proceeds will be going to ALCASE. In addition, next week I am going to start my media "blitz" (my work background is in public relations), I will be contacting local TV stations for their healthwatch sections and local newspapers with some feature story ideas. All in hopes of raising awareness for lung cancer and finding a cure. It helps to know I can do a little part in battling this demon!

Blessings to you all! You each continue to be in my prayers.

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Way to go Andrea!!

The medical profession is getting really closer to humane surgery for LC. This new Cyber-Knife will be able to remove a tumor without all the nerve and rib damage. They are just waiting for the software to be written. I guess that is very difficult, but at least it is being worked on!!


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Thank you to everyone for your messages. I admire everyone who maintains their courage and hope in battling this disease. I hate feeling helpless and this is my way of feeling I can contribute.

Margaret, thanks for inquiring about donating!! I am not sure if you there is a way to earmark it for my hike. I sent in my donations in honor of my mom, Lillian Ostlund.

Here is to finding a cure!!

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