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Bad CT Scan..tumors grown...wrapped around spinal cord HELP!


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Hello all,

Today has been one of the darkest day of my life. My mom was diagnosed with NSCLC Stage IV on April 07 with mets to bone and lymph node area, no liver and kidney. She was on Tarceva.....scrapping that....not working. We got the test results of the CT scan and it's progressed. To the tune of 3cms?? All the docs are offering is radiation to the spine....concerned of being paralyzed. And then hospice and die. My mom has off the charts side effects to every meds. For example they gave her Decadron(steroid) and it gave a BAD side effect. IT had suicidal effects on her. Also gave her EXTREME anxiety!! She said she rather die then go throught that again. Anyone have that side effect?

Anyhow....since my mom's sensitivity to meds and toxins....the docs recommend hospice and go home and die. They did mention Navelbine.....any thoughts on that? Pls advise!! TIA!!

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I am so sorry; if your mom has the will in her, I believe with all my heart that anything is possible. My mom was a VERY hard case to treat because she had stage IIIB with malignant pleural effusion, was wheelchair bound from Post-Polio syndrome, and on dialysis. Because of her kidney function, her body could not process chemo drugs like a normal person. We tried Tarceva at first but it didn't work. She then went to Taxol/Carboplatin. She was admitted to the hospital for three days, MWF, each month. She'd get Taxol on Monday for three hours, then Taxol/Carbo and then dialysis (a total of 9 hours hooked up to machines) and then Taxol again on Wednesday. We saw HUGE results from this, and got to spend some fantastic quality time with her during her great run.

I don't have any experience with the side effects you're talking about, but my dad (who also had NSCLC) did Navelbine briefly. As with all other chemos, he was extremely constipated.

Best of luck,

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Sorry to hear about your mum. Its awful my mum is in a similar position with nsclc stage 4 and spread to spine. At moment she is on chemo but its not really helping. We talked to doctors about radiation and it can help with pain and also shrink tumor. Radiation might help your mum.


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I am sorry to hear about your Mom. She and your family will be in my prayers.

My son was just about psychotic due to decadron from his brain tumor treatment. He would sit in front of the frig and cry becuase he could not even decide what to eat. He has been off it for months now and is doing well.

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