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Had A Good Laugh Today


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As you know I have been trying to decide whether to go back to work part time. Social Security tells me I can do that. I have thought about it now since I signed up for my SS in August. The college has been trying to get me to return part time to do some things that no one else knows how to do but me. I am basiclly the only one that knows the key system since I was the one that re-keyed all the locks and did all the lock work. I would really like to work about 2 days a week to train someone on the locks.

I got word from SS yesterday that I was approved. :D:D:D It only took me 7 1/2 weeks to get an approval. As of yesterday I had not decided about work yet. This morning I woke up and told my wife that I had slept on it and decided NOT to go back. I don't feel that I need to get out this winter and clear the walk way and parking lot.

About 11:30 today my boss calls and ask for me. He said that home office had started my termination papers cause my Family Medical Leave ran out Oct 23. He did say that he could re-hire me from scratch but I would need to get a full release from doctor. I told him last week that if I came back it would be Nov 5 when I went to doctor and then I still had therapy to go to on Tue and Thurs and doctor appt at times so I would miss now and then.

Yea Right. Start from scratch and loose 12 1/2 years senority. I don't think so. :lol: :lol: :lol: Anyway, I still did not tell him that I had SS but I laughed my head off after we hung up. I am not one to leave someone holding the bag like that and I will tell him one day next week. I know that I am a liability as far as insurance goes but to look for an excuse like that..... I sort of figured that this would happen so that is why I did not tell them about me apply for SS till I was sure I might get it. I was surprised that It did not take a year and a couple of appeals. Just wanted to share this...


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Bruce, hello ! I too had been juggling the descision of returning to work. I have been off on sick leave since 3/10/03. I too applied for SS in july. I was approved in Aug. I called work and let them know. I told them that SS had a " trial work " period where they would allow me to attempt to return to work for a period of time before they would penalize me monetarily. My employer was very receptive to this. I was lucky i guess. Long story short i had a recurrance with this cancer this month and now will not be returning for sure. I am so glad that i applied for SS early on instead of waiting. One thing about your post that i didnt see is about insurance Bruce. I am very fortunate in the fact that my employer will carry me for 2 years on the payroll after my disability began. That means that i am still elegible for my insurance plan as long as i pay my premiums. Which thankfully are minimal. SS told me i wouldnt be eligible for medicare benefits for 2 years ! Does this apply to everyone ? This seemed like a long time and i didnt understand it but it didnt affect me so i didnt pry. I hate the thought that at my age i wont be returning to work but im not going to let it get me down i have a battle to wage here. At any rate congrats on the approval of the SS it is a relief i know. I also agree the notion of losing almost 13 years seniority and starting from scratch is a laugher. Well TC and best wishes Bruce.



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Before the employer gets too far into firing you for being sick you might want to check into the American's with Disability Act and see how that may apply to your situation, re: insurance coverage, extended disability pay, etc.

I'm glad you have the SS, but the way your employer is "handling" this makes me think that they could be doing things not on the up and up.

Best of Luck to you,

Fay A. PS I love your picture of the Autumn trees...

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