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Married 24 years, now she's gone

Cheryl Ferguson

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Cheryl passed away early Sunday morning. She leaves behind a cruel, rude world of people that care for nothing but themselves. A world where people say to you what they know you want to hear, even if it's a way for them to only to escape from you for that moment. Promises that aren't kept, people that swing their weight around and insist on and are consumed with power strggles that amount to nothing... Selfeshness to the point of nausea. Family members that manage to hide and cower behind excuse, after excuse, after excuse. She leaves a world of me, me, me'ers, and look how great I am kind of people... She leaves a world behind that turned their backs on her when she needed them most... Cowards, yellow belly's, traitors... pick one, they all fit. She leaves behid a medical and insurance system that is inept and sure to make you fail. She leaves behind a world that is falling apart right in front of everyones eyes and noone seems to notice or care.

Cheryl leaves with us the hope she had for everyone..her caring and thoughtful ways, her true and honest show of support, her genuine concern for everyone. Nothing for show, or power, just plain old "true blue" concern. Try to find that in this selfish world... Try to find folks that don't have to tell you how great they are, and brag on what they have done. Yes, Cheryl simply did it w/out drawing attention to herself. There are a few like that left out there, so few that people don't even notice them... that's old school anymore. Respect, dignity and class hold no place in this world.

I would like to thank Randy for inquiring about Cheryl and several others like, Debi, Kaylei, Karen and Grace(Haylee), who showed support for Cheryl during this difficult time. You people are truly special.


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I am so sorry. She fought so hard. I can't begin to comprehend how devastated you are Jack. You were a staunch advocate and supported her throughout all of this. Her participation in trials and new treatments helped many others and leaves a wonderful legacy. My sympathy for your loss.


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Please accept my heartfelt sympathy for your loss. Cheryl was the example of a real fighter and I was very inspired by the way she fought her courageous battle. There just aren't words to let you know how I feel. I lost my husband, of 38 years, just last year and I know how painful a loss it can be. God Be with you and your family, Jack.


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I am so sory to hear this was hoping that this new trial would really help her. I have nothing short of the utmost respect for someone who is so goving to keep trying clinical trials Like Cheryl did. She is a true pioneer in my book and a very courageous person for doing all of thse.

My deepest conndolences and most heartfelt pryers for Her family at this difficult time.

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I am so sorry, for the loss of your beloved and sorry that the cruelness of the 'aftermath' has hit you so so hard.

There are rare people who love enough to put others before themselves, you are so lucky to have had Cheryl.

With many tears, I pray for your broken heart.

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