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How Do you all Deal with Insurance Companies


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Hi all,

I just need to vent and ask you all how you deal with the bull.x.x..x at the insurance companies. I had vocal chord surgery on 9/4/07. Went through the preop admission 3 hour day two weeks prior. Yale-NewHaven usually pre-approves everything for each patient. My surgeon told me that I would get the surgery and stay one night because they have to make sure that my vocal chord area does not swell up and cause the patient to stop breathing. All went well.

Today, I get a notice from my insurance company denying the hospital stay. I called them and they told me that the procedure that I had is a routine outpatient procedure and should not require hospital admission. It can be up to 23 hours of ambulatory care. So it seems as they were supposed to keep me in the recovery area for 23 hours which would also be overnight. I just don't get it. I'm soooo mad, I cannot wait to call the hospital billing tomorrow. I will make them eat this cost because I refuse to pay for it. I did not ask to stay in the hospital. Ugghghhhhh

I'm sorry for venting...the insurance industry should be overhauled.


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You amy want to check and see if Doctor has to write orders for overnite. Debs Oncologist actually told me how to get insurance to Pay for a wig possibly and this was basically it. Have Dr write orders and resubmit from the hospital. good Luck. Just a thought to try any ways

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In Illinois, that 23 hour thing is common. You get to go to a room, and you're released the next morning. I did that a couple of times for breast cancer surgery and it was fine.

Also, my initial stay in the hospital was only approved for 3 nights. I questioned the ins. company because my dr said before the surgery that I'd be there 4-7 nights and I didn't want to be pushed out of there. They said that the initial approval was only three nights, but that if the doc wanted me there, all they had to do was call after I stayed the three nights.

I think that your hospital/doctor can get that all straightened out with the insurance company, but that happens a lot here, and it doesn't mean folks are getting tossed out on the street, it just means that you stay just shy of 24 hours, which for me, the two times I had that happen, was plenty. The anesthesia had worn off, I was on the mend, and really ready to get home and get some rest.

I hope it all works out fine for you too.


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After a glass of wine and a few hours hanging out I'm not as angry as I initially felt although I still hate the insurance industry. Thank you Rochelle for telling me to breathe. I'm at the Dr.'s tomorrow so I will tell them to fix this. I'm getting anxious because my oncologist has not called me with my CT Scan results so I will find out tomorrow. Always afraid to here bad news in person so I hope it is good news. I like to hear the bad news over the phone so I can digest it and then move on.

Thanks everyone

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Do talk with your Dr. about this. I was in the hospital once with bad (and I mean, really bad) food poisioning. The insurance company wanted to kick me out after one night, but I was still on fluids and unable to keep anything down. My Dr. called and told them that HE was not releasing me and if THEY forced the hospital to release me he would be at their office with his lawyers in the morning.

I stayed two more nights.

Best of luck to you!


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We are going through the same thing with insurance. It should be against the law its like harrassment from these companies who take your money and not want to deliver the goods after. The patient and family have enough to worry about from day-to-day. Its just so sad that we all have to go through this. I feel your anger because I just did a bunch of phone calls yesterday for my mom. I have thought of e-mailing the Attorney General for my state and my state senators if this gets too bad.

Best of Luck!


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