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It never gets easier


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Okay, normally I don't post before my tests because I don't want to jinx myself. But I am SO stressed tonight..I'm not sure if I want to throw up or hyperventilate (can I do that with only a lung and a lobe?), or just curl up in a ball somewhere.

I'm having a chest CT and a neck CT first thing in the morning. Normally I don't allow myself nervous time until the morning of the test but this time I am really spazzing out. I think there are a few reasons - it's really 7 months rather than 6, I have alot of other stress in my life (big changes at the job, daughter and family coming to visit, etc), its only my 2nd CT since surgery, my old Onc only did xrays. Also, the neck CT is new and in response to some symptoms I've been having. I feel like I'm on stress overload.

My tests are at 8:20 am and I actually see the doctor at 9:45 for the results. I have never done this, gotten the answer the same day and although I really loved the idea, it's not giving me any breathing time to brace for the results. I wish there was a quicker way to get to around noon tomorrow from here, without having to go through this.

Anyway, if you all could cross something for me this time around, I would be forever grateful.

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Oh Debi, take a deep breath and then exhale slowly. It will be all right! Some people really, really are long-time survivors and you're one of them. Nonetheless, I'll keep everything crossed. May have to uncross the toes as they'll get sore after a while. Do check in with us ASAP after you get results.


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I'm pulling for you tomorrow for the best possible test results.

Totally understand how you are feeling tonight. Hey, I usually make myself increasingly miserable for about two weeks leading up to these tests until the day of the CT and the dr appt when I'm a candidate for a nervous breakdown.

For me, it's better to have the dr appt right after the test. At least you know you'll sleep better tomorrow night.

Please keep us posted, and I just know this is all going to be ok. Meanwhile, all my best thoughts are going for you.


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Hang in there Debi. I know this is so stressful. But You had surgery 4 years ago and are doing well!!! I had a onc. tell me one time that if you survive more than 2 years w/o a recurrence then there is a VERY good chance that cancer is gone gone gone!!!! On the other hand, If I feel especially anxious I will ask my onc for an anxiety med for a couple of days prior to the scan.

God Bless You!!! You Are an Inspiration!!!


P.S. I have always had scans and results on the same day. I really like this format since it requires no waiting.

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I was away, Debi, and didn't see this before. However, I read your GOOD news beofre I got to read this..........so there ya go!!!! You had no reason for all the stress, but we all do it. Good for you, girl! Hope you have a wonderful visit with daughter and that stress settles down and you just got on with life. Good for you!


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