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Appointment with surgeon


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Hi everyone, just wanted to update you all on what's going on with me. I picked up the referral to go to the surgeon yesterday, and I have an appointment to see him on Saturday morning. I have already met with him a few months ago when I was also having issues with my breast, so I do know him and he seems to be a very nice doctor (I hope that doesn't change).

Well, I will keep you all updated as to when the surgery will be and all.

Thanks to everyone for being here for me, each and everyone one of you are greatly appreciated :D

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Hi everyone, just wanted to post an update on my visit with the surgeon. Right now I am still very upset about it. I drove for an hour to get to his office just to be told that he does not operate on the lungs. He claims that he called my oncologist and told him that he didn't do this type of surgery, but no one ever contacted me to let me know this. I thought it was very unprofessional of him not to have called me and let me know seeing that I had told them when I made the appointment that it was for my lung.

I just feel like they are wasting my time right now, I am so afraid that this is going to grow and they won't be able to the surgery if they wait much longer. I tried to get a hold of my primary and my pulmonologist both and neither of them are in the office until tomorrow. When I saw the pulmonolgist 6 weeks ago he told me not to let this go for 4 weeks and actually it will be 7 weeks tomorrow.

I am trying real hard to be positive right now, but it seems like just when i think that they are really moving to get this taken care of, something happens to slow it down again.

I am going to call my primary tomorrow morning before I have to go to work and tell them to find me a surgeon a.s.a.p, my primary is a real nice doctor and he has gone to bat for me numerous times since all of this began, so I am really hoping they can find something quickly.

I will keep you all posted, and all of you will be in my prayers.


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Well, they certainly let you down. The problem is lack of communication and coordination. I think you should drop all the docs you have now, get all of your films, medical records and reports and go to the nearest major comprehensive cancer center if at all possible. They have one stop shopping there. It probably won’t be necessary to see all the other docs again, you may be able to go directly to the surgeon. One thing the surgeon will want is clearance for surgery by the pulmonologist. You will have to have an EKG done. You may have to get a referral from you primary care doc for insurance purposes. You will get much faster service there and the docs all talk to one another. Also, you would be much more likely to have surgery by someone who specializes in lung surgery. Where do you live? Here is a web site that lists all of the major comprehensive cancer centers in the US.

I t was a month before I had my first surgery after the cancer was found and it had not grown much bigger.

http://cancercenters.cancer.gov/cancer_ ... names.html

Don M

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Same thought as Don - where do you live? The cancer care centers are great in a couple of ways - 1.) One stop shopping, as Don said...and that really, really helps to minimize stress and inconvenience. 2.) They know what they're doing, and they have a comprehensive team approach = the Onc, the surgeon, the pulmonologist, the radiologist, etc. all work together and remain in step together with your treatment.

Let the board know if you want any assistance finding a place reasonably near to you.


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I would say that if you can possibly get into the University of Chicago, go there. If you need surgery on your lung, you need to see someone who is a thoracic surgeon, and a highly regarded one at that.

The U of C is one of the top rated hospitals in the US for cancer care, and they are also used to dealing with people who have traveled from all over the world to see them, so they get things done for you without having you run back and forth for days like a community hospital would.

I went there for my lobectomy and had a consult with the oncology staff there after my surgery. I had my chemo here in my own city, but only after getting their opinion.

If I ever had cancer again, or if I ever could make a recommendation to someone I cared about for a good place for cancer care, I would only recommend the University of Chicago.

Having said that, my sister had breast cancer a couple of years ago, and received excellent care at Northwestern Hospital. She too went there for surgery and got her chemo and radiation in her own city, but the surgery is a critical step in this whole process, and you need to get yourself somewhere where this is done ALL THE TIME.

If you need any details, or any other info, please PM me. I would be happy to share my experiences with you.


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