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Question Re: BAC


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Hi Everyone,

When I saw my oncologist after my lobectomy in May I asked whether my tumor was BAC. He told me no. I just got the office notes from my 2 visits with him and he specifically states that I was found to have a "1.2cm adenocarcinoma with bronchoalveolar features."

My question is: Is there a difference is between a diagnosis of BAC only or one of adenocarcinoma with bronchoalveolar features? Are they the same? Any links or info would be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, last week I was told I had "pleural friction rub." I was told it was an inflammation and to take NSAIDS. Besides having the creaking, rubbing type sounds, I have a tightness in my rib area that is getting worse. At first I thought it was just part of the healing process or from just being more active. Now I wonder as I have cut back on my physical activities. Anyone experience these symptoms?

As always many thanks for your feedback!

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I would say ask Dr West about Diagnosis questions. He is our resident Oncologist and his site can be accessed thru ask the expert forum. Registration is free and worthwhile.

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