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another 6 month lease...


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I'm sorry that I am posting update so late- I had work to catch up on so didn't get home until a little while ago.

Well, I got through both my scans this morning and all is well. Of course, it was one of those Murphy Law days where everything that could go wrong, went wrong (I ended up spending over 4 hours at the doctors), but the important things went right. I am good to go for 6 more months... :lol:

Thank you all for your concern and for keeping body parts crossed...

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Hey girl...

GREAT NEWS!!!!...don't' ya just love those night before scan jitter's....Hellllooooo....You know I hear ya...

I love the fact that you could get results right away...good going girlfriend...you are good to go for not only 6 months...but for many many years to come...hugs..Pam

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Congratulations, Debi! Those scan and dr appt days are agony I would never wish on anyone. I'm so very happy to hear that you got the good news and I hope you slept well last night. Take care and relax for a while now (as if!)


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