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Getting to Know You - September 19


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I can't believe I even asked this question...lol! I have to be the absolute worst about drinking enough water. 6-8 glasses a day...no way! I really feel as if I need to give myself a pat on the back if I get down two bottles of water a day. I drink other things that have water in them... like tea...but I just have trouble with plain water. My mom used to be the same way, so I think this is a mental thing. Yes...I know how important this is for my health and I really do try...sometimes!!!

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I started drinking a lot of water a few years ago when I joined Weight Watchers. Because it is easier to have with me I started drinking bottled Spring Water( I won't pay for purified water). I got spoiled to the spring water and now I have a bottle with me at all times. I guess I drink about 5 16 ounce bottles a day.

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I tend to only drink two+ bottles of water each day. I do re-use my bottles after thorough cleaning and refill with filtered water because manufacturing of plastic bottles uses millions of barrels of oil every year. Also, never recycle bottles with the caps on. They are two different types of plastic and will be pulled from the recycling process. Tea, coffee, and caffeine soda do NOT count for water each day as the caffeine is a diuretic. Learned that from Weight-Watchers too!

Oops --- this was supposed to be a "just for fun" topic. Soap-box put away now... :shock::shock::shock: (Daughter was home last night and we were chatting about different cities thinking about banning bottled water.)


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