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Help needed with these fancy terms...

Guest Sally

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Can anyone tell me what NED means. Also, I'm embarassed to ask if anyone could give me more details about "stable" lung cancer. I never knew that this was possible....

:oops::D:oops: Sally

Thanks to you all. I cry almost every time I log on - not because I'm sad, but because you are ALL SO SINCERE and TRULY KIND, good people.

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Hi Sally, So sorry to hear of your brothers diagnosis at such a young age. I too am fairly young. We also have others who have been diagnosed at rather young ages here.This disease has no respect based on any age,sex,creed, etc... As to your questions, i can tell you that NED means no eveidence of disease. Im not sure about stable lung cancer. I am sure someone will be able to help with that one. There really are no stupid questions Sally only those left unasked. I hope your brother is enjoying his trip to Australia and i wish you and your family all the best upon his return home. Hope to see more posts from you in the coming days.



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Dear Sally,

Welcome! Please do not be embarassed at what you do not yet know. Just ask, and if we don't know, we'll help you dig until we do.

My heart goes out to your family to have such a young man stricken with this da^^ disease. The only good news about that is that younger folks are generally healthier otherwise and stronger than the "average" cancer victim, and that counts a lot toward better outcome.

I sincerely hope your brother enjoys his trip. Keep us posted. You all will be in our prayers.



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