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Somebody Please translate this for me?


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We just took Char in to the Cancer Center and saw the nurse practitioner?sp and we took X-rays because Char is haveing Very extinsive pain in her lower left chest area below the left breast area. While we were there we took the liberty to view her records and low and behold we got this!!!


COMPARISON:CT of the ado\domen and pelvis 7/31/07; CT of the chest 7/27/07.

INDICATION: This is a 53-year-old who presents for initial staging of non-small cell carcinoma.

TECHNIQUE: The patient's blood glucose was 104 mg/dl. After the intravenous injection of 17.mCi of F-18 FDC delayed 3D whole body PET images were acquired from the level of the brain to the mid thigh region. A non contrast CT was used for attenuation correction purposes.

PET/CT DISCUSSION: There is extensive right-sided pleural metastitic involvement demonstrating a maximum SUV of approximately 17.8.

Ther issubcarinal disease, right paratracheal desease, aortopulmonary disease. Osseous metastases are indentified in the T1 verebral body demostrating a maximum SUV of approximately 4.9.

Multiple metastases are indentified throughout the thoracic and lumbar spine as well as the sacrum.


1. Diffuse metastatic disease involving the right pleaura, osseous structures and mediastinum.

2. No involvement is noted of the solid visceral organs.

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It seems like the cancer is in the T1 vertabrate and the plural lining of the lung and right lung

I think this is consistent with what your profile states that they found previously.

There might be more spine metastasis. (thoracic and lumbar spine as well as the sacrum) up and down the spine

Best bet is to call the Dr with questions and ask for explainations of the tests

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