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Hi everyone - Once again I have an update. My mom had a CT scan last Friday and the Dr called yesterday to let her know that everything looked good. Nothing has changed with that "scar tissue". My mom actually has appt with onc on Monday or Tuesday so we will get yet another confirmation :D

I would also like to ask for an extra prayer for my friend. Some may remember my friend who lost her mom to cervical cancer two years ago and her husband to an overdose four months after that. She has the three small children. Well to make a long story short she has a mass on her ovary that is closely being monitored and will have a biopsy in six weeks if it is not gone. I am so scared for her and those babies. She has nobody. I am her family three hours away. We have already talked about her moving in with us if the need comes because I would have to take care of those kids for her. I am so worried she is a remarkable young lady who just turned 26 years old.

Thanks and as always keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers.


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