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Semi-Hall Pass


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This is sort of a semi-hall pass. I have not been able to post as much as I would like lately. I am teaching a class of Steven Ministers. It is taking a lot more of my time to prepare the lessons than I thought it would. I will still be posting some but not as much till I get through with the lessons that I have to teach. The class should be graduating the end of December. I just didn’t want anyone to think there was anything wrong. I thought retirement would give me all the time I needed. How wrong I was. :lol:

Stay positive, :)


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Understood Ernie. My neighbor is doing the exact same thing. FWIW......she has told me she got the impetus needed to become a SM from when she helped me through the darkest hours of my life exactly 3 years ago. You guys are truly my heroes!!!! You will be awesome.


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