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It’s been 2 years, taking comfort in the rain


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The last 2 years, have been the hardest 2 years of my life! It was two years ago today that I lost my Mom.

During the last week of Moms life, she mentioned that she wanted to see 1 last summer rain storm before she passed. On the evening before that happened, I drove home knowing that our time was limited. Images of my life played through my head like a movie. I couldn’t imagine my life without Mom. She gave me life! She taught me so much, made me who I am today and I still needed her!!!! Then it started to rain. As if “Releasing the flood gates” the tears flowed down my face and a warm sense of peace passed through me. I was thankful that Mom was getting her last wish.

So 2 years later, I wake up to rain. While driving to work I was thinking “Mom, this ones from you!”

The pain of missing her is still with me, but has eased some with time. I’ve learned to appreciate and enjoy life even more. My Sister and I have grown much closer, and I know Mom would be smiling. Having both parents gone, leaves a hole that’s hard to fill. I’m thankful for my 4 Grandchildren, 2 of whom were born since Mom passed. She always said that she would live on through us so I take comfort knowing she’s still surrounding me. She was an amazing women that touched so many lives. She is my hero and I will always miss her!


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