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Time to get to the PUB


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Great celebration

to lift our glasses to

Katie and Rick.

Come all,

the drinks are on me.


the pig

the cow

and all animal (zoo) are

there also to be petted

and give love in return.

Randy is doing the cooking

of bought meat.......

Kasey and Fred are at the

Welcoming line just waiting

to hug you.


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Okay.........time for everyone to haul their sorry behinds to the Pub :? . First of all Katie and Rick have been going nonstop for two days to bring us all together again :lol: ! Then we gotta toast Aaron and Julia. Ry and John............you don't have to buy on your special day :wink: . It's covered.

Those who are worried and/or struggling...........well you come on over too. Let us lift you up for a while. Lots of food and drink. All critters welcome too!

I gotta fit this all in today. Just came back Thursday night and off again tomorrow, so let's get it on :lol: !!!!!!!!

Maybe we should let Rick sleep a bit, don'tcha think??

See everybody real soon!

The Management (Kasey, Fred, and the Teddy!!)

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I'm going to second Welthy's sentiments: Congratulations to Aaron and Julia, and Happy Anniversary to Ry and John! I'll buy a round in honor of the newlyweds!

Debi, I love the new Avatar pic!

God Bless,


p.s. I'm going to leave my animals at home cause there's too many: German Shepherd (Jasmine), Cats (Zelda & Crazy Cat), Ferret (Jasper), Guinea Pigs (Joey & Batman), Ball Python (Mary Jane), and finally Indian Ring-necked Parakeet (Blue).

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Boy am I late to the party and many rounds behind, but I finally finished

my bio/chem project (32 pages long) and need a break.

Also celebrating the fact Alan's recent scans came

back STABLE :P:P:P

Contrats to Aaron and Julia, may they have many many

happy years togehter.

Ry and John, may you also enjoy many more years of


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Looks like I missed the parties but wanted to add my congrats to Ry and John and Aaron and Julia and especially Katie and Rick. Don't worry Kasey, I'll just help myself to a Bloody Mary and then I'll get started on the cleanup here. Glasses everywhere! Looks like this will be an all-day project.


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