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Mom, was that you?

Nick C

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Mom always told me to pray to St. Anthony if I lost anything (Mom wasn't Catholic, but she adored St. Anthony). I always refused as I don't believe in Saints as good luck charms. But then she would pray to St. Anthony for me and my item would turn up. Oh and BTW, I lose things A LOT!!!

The summer before Mom passed away I lost a very special watch. I'm not a watch guy, but I wore this watch...and I haven't seen it in a year and a half. Well I am vacuuming my car today and there under my seat, my watch.

I went upstairs, showed Keri, went back outside through the garage and thanked Mom...I'm sure she had something to do with finding it...and then the lights to her jeep went on.

Now, the key was in my pocket, I could have hit the unlock button and thus the lights would go on, but this is the second time I've said something to Mom and her jeep lights have gone on.

I'm no wackadoo, I'm just sayin...Mom, was that you?

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if you're a wackadoo I am too cause I know there is no doubt that it was your Mom. How cool!!!

Don't try to second guess yourself, Nick, just enjoy the moments when our Moms are trying to let us know they are still "here."

Just out of curiosity, have you had any dreams of her?


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Kasey, Keri feels OK, but still a little nausea from time to time.

Melinda, I dreamt of her early on a few occasions, a couple very vivid. One where I really did think I was awake.

I actually just had an old girlfriend write me and tell me that she just had a dream of my mom where she wasn't sure if she were awake or not.

Probably the best dream instance was my mothers friend Sue and her son Johnny. Johnny was loved dearly by Mom, he was her grandchild by proxy, as he looked a lot like I did when I was a baby and he was there everyday two doors down from mom's house.

Anywho, Sue dreamt of Mom in a beautiful sunny place smiling and telling her "see, it's beautiful here." So Johnny a few days later told his mom about having the exact same dream. Sue hadn't told Johnny about her dream.

I've been so blessed to continue to have these connections to Mom...and I hate to be an ingrate and say it's never enough...but it's not...I want her here with me.

But I hope these blessed events give people hope that our loved ones are still around, and maybe just maybe we'll be lucky enough to be reunited.

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I fully believe that it was your mom. My grandmother died of lung cancer the year before I had my first daughter Amanda (she is the one in the picture with her highschool diploma). My grandmother had always wanted me to have a child but we had problems concieving. The day that my daughter was born and I held her for the first time in my arms I said I wish grandma where here, as I was checking my new baby out I noticed her left ear, I know it sounds strange but my grandma's ears were flat on the bottom. Well, Amanda had one of my grandmas ears, I knew from that moment that grandma had held my baby in her arms before I did and she was smiling down on me, and still is till this day. Whenever I really need to see my grandma all I have to do is look at my oldest daughter and I feel like grandma is right here with me.

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