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Getting to Know You - September 24


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Well this is always a touchy subject with my nieces as

it seems those string things they call underware seem

to always be showing above their jeans. Constant battle between my siter and her daughters.

Half the young men nowadays have so much of their

underware showing it makes me wonder why they bother

with pants!!!!

So telling today's younger generation that their

underware was showing would probably get you the roll

of the eyes :roll:

Under "normal circumstances" and probably depending on how well I knew the person

Yes I would tell them their underware was showing

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I can't help it, but when I see something like that, I end up laughing.....(my knees get weak, my nose burns, and my eyes water, :D )

A boy at my son's school walked past the car a few days ago while I was waiting to pick Jacob up. His pants were almost to his knees!! I burst out laughing, and he turned around and smiled at me! I told him he was about to lose something, and he hitched them up, only for them to fall right back down.

If it was my 80 year old Mom though, ( I would still laugh), but I would tell her! I crack up when things like that happen ~~ even if it's to me :D .

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I think I could tell by looking at the person if that is the way they dressed deliberately. If so I would ignore them because they do it for attention and I won't play their game. If it is someone that I think has a problem and doesn't realize it I would wisper it to them if they were in public or just give a gentle reminder if it was just us.

As for those baggy pants my son had a solution when he saw one of his younger cousins wearing pants like that. When he passed by him he just reached out and jerked them down. :wink:

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