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Etoposide and Cisplatin


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Hi All,

Mom will be starting chemo/radiation 10/1. I have been told Etoposide and Cisplatin is what will be administered. I am wondering if anyone has had these combo's and what side effects they experienced? I am confused why Carbo/Taxol in which I saw on many people's posts isn't being used.



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I took those drugs. It was nearly 10 years ago so for me a good effect is I am cancer free! I also had daily radiation.

After a couple of months it had shrunk the tumor enough that I had surgery and the pathology was "scar tissue" . The plan from the beginnning was more chemo after surgery , the same chemo. I missed the last dose because I began to have symptoms of nueropathy from the Cisplatin.

By the way I did have NSCLC.

Donna G

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My husband had that combination for small cell.

The doctors told us it was the "best of the best" for really knocking the cancer for a loop, and it did, along with 10 days of radiation.

Harry was only able to finish 4 rounds of it , as it was just too strong for him, but it shrunk the tumor 60% , so that was excellent!

Good luck to you guys,


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Hi Marcy,

I had this combo too. I was diagnosed with IIIA. My doctor stated that the combo was a little stronger/harsher than other combo's, but if the patient is in good health otherwise, they will still use it.

Side effects were next to none for me. I had some neuropathy and that was about it. It did take a toll on my red blood counts, but I was given a shot to increase the counts every other week. I also had radiation to my chest daily for 6 weeks.

I hope this combo works for you mom.

If you have any questions, let me know,


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That is also what I had, with 5 weeks radiation.

I had the same kind of tumor Donna G had, but it was huge.

I did have surgery to remove the tumor, which extended up under my left ear, my left shoulder, and subsumed 5 ribs.

The tumor on removal, all 13 lbs was dead.

I had some trouble with my ears with the first dose of cisplatin/etoposide, after that the doctor coadministered ethyol to help protect my ears.

I did get shots for low red cell count; the tumor had already made me anemic. I had some neuropathy also.

This Aug I was 7 years NED after surgery and two rounds of followup chemo.

It is 'big guns' chemo, but very effective.



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