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Brain mets


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Well it recently spread to my brain - 2 tumours and numerous nodules. Had the WBR thing - gawd I remember when I had no idea what that was. It has brought HUGE relief and return of functioning for now but things are still not "perfect"....haha like thats gonna happen.

Anyway, can anyone give some advice on what this part of the game will be like?? I am scared and worried that it is getting very serious.

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Hi so sorry to hear about the brain mets.

My Mom had one in May and had WBR and she recently got a MRI done and it's gone. The Radiologist seemed very confident that it would take care of it.

There are many people on this site who have had the WBR. My Mom hasn't really had any side effects.


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I just finished 15 days of WBR. It was easy compared to chemo. I think the steroid did more to me then the WBR. I had alot of fatigue from the WBR and I think some ear issues but I think that will get better with time. Everything else I believe is from the steroid. If you have any other questions just ask.

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I just realized the test results section would have been more appropriate - I worry that the WBR didnt work 100% as still seem to have some cognitive functioning issues and language too.

thanks for the responses.

I agree way easier than chemo and much different time period of treatment although they offered me chemo after too which I thought was strange but didnt agree to nor jump on asking due to exhausted state. Yea the steroids are hell. I really hate them.

I am going to contact my med onc and ask her why she offered the chemo for brain mets.

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