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1st week of chemo done

Nancy B

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I finished 5 days of chemo and spent the weekend just laying around - so very tired. I went today for Zometa and my wbc was 1.4, so got a shot of neulasta and a warning to stay away from people. My blood counts have gone down before but never this low. I meant to ask, at what point do they do a transfusion, but I forgot. Anybody know?

My son was racing in Dallas last weekend and he clinched the Division 7 Championship and will probably end up 2 or 3 in the National Championship. He's 26 and a good kid. My husband really has a hard time handling illness so my son has said "call me Mom when you need a shoulder", and I have.

Thanks for being here!

God Bless,

Nancy B

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I can't answer your tensfusion concerns, Nancy, BUT I can offer good luck to that great 'kid' of yours. And be sure to listen to the doc.......no hanging around germy people. I'm offering many prayers that you'll be feeling better pretty soon.


Man was I tired last night when I got home. I just read about the 'tenfusion' and I had to look again. Of course it is TRANSfusion. Sheeeesh!!!!!

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Good luck with those treatments. I hope they show improvement.

I am so excited for your son! That is great news, you must be so proud. I can see how proud he is of his mom.

You are such a wonderful woman and in incredible fighter. I admire you so much.

I pray this will work for you.


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