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Dad is in ICU : (


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SO, dad had his first chemo treatment last wednesday, everything seemed to be fine until he started getting abdominal pains. Decided to take a compazine and the pains got TERRIBLE. He blamed it on the pill. Dr said try the Zofran. Dad would not take it. He stopped eating and drinking and suffered through Friday night in pain. Perked up a little on Saturday and then suffered all Saturday night and looked like living hell by by Sunday. Called the dr, they said bring him to ER.

Well, dad has had a hernia for about 5 years now. Was supposed to have it operated on 2 years ago but didn't, and has blown it off since then. The coughing from the cancer started to bother it and I guess it got to the point that it caused an intestional blockage.

After tons of tests and being admitted to the respitory ICU early Monday morning, they decided they had no choice but to operate lastnight. I was so worried he wouldn't make it through the operation but he did and surgeon said everything went great and he tolerated surgery well.

Today he is in the surgical ICU and on a ventilator. It is horrible. He can't talk or move because his arms are tied down. The pulmonary dr told us his left lung (where his cancer is) is not looking good and had lots of fluid. He performed a bronchoscopy today and tried to suction out the fluid but could only get so much because of the tumor. The follow up xray shows the fluid is basically still there. Now the plan is to take him off the vent and get him moving around tomorrow to get the fluid up and out of the lung.

This is all so damn confusing. As if lung cancer wasn't enough! I am so distraught and can't stand seeing him on this vent. What if he can't get enough oxygen off the vent? Then what? Is this the end of the fight before it has even began? :cry: Does anyone have an experiences to tell with ventilators?

Any prayers and thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I don't have any experience at all with this sort of thing, but wanted to let you know I'll be saying an extra prayer for you guys, and thinking positive thoughts that your dad will recover very quickly.

Like you said, "As if the cancer isn't enough"? :(


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Thank you everyone. He is still on the vent and are going to decide in the morning what to do. I think they may just take him off and see how he does and take it from there. The problem is the tumor is giving him diminished lung capacity and now with this thick fluid (the nurse said it was like cement) the lung is just not functioning. And they can't get it suctioned because the tumor is in the way.

Thank you all again.

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Christine, the only experience I've had with ventilator was when my mom was on it after her surgery. She was on a couple days and had to be gradually taken off. In her case, they reduced the amount of oxygen the vent was giving her by degrees until they thought she could breathe on her own. This is not the same as your dad. Just know that my prayers are with you also.


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I am so sorry. You certainly have a full plate. :shock: I hope things turn around and they get that lung to breathing capacity.

I could only imagine how scared you must be. We are always here for you.

I am sending out prayers to your dad.


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