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I am not sure if I am being realistic, or just pressing on. I am 49 and up until 6/07 was working full time. I completed a VERY AGGRESIVE chemo/radiation protocol, and while I await scans (full of scanxiety), I want to return to my very busy job, I am a nurse~ any thoughts, has anyone done it? All posts welcome. Mary

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If that is what you feel like doing, there's no reason not to go back to work. A lot of people around here have a wide variety of work issues. Some have worked straight through treatment, some took time off and returned, others aren't able to return, and some are retired. Just depends on how each person's cancer is behaving and whether it impinges on their work/lifestyle. Every human body is quite unique as to the overall reaction to treatment and how it manifests itself.

Good luck on your decision.


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I am a nurse also. I was diagnosed 12/3/97. I had just turned 50. I was suppose to start a new job 12/15/97. Guess what with daily radiation, chemo then thorocotomy and back to chemo, I was late getting started with that new job.

Finally after getting my blood counts up went to work at the hospital in April of 98, just 4 months late and have been there ever since. This summer I turned 60, the gals I work with were surprised I was that old!

What kind of place do you work?

Donna G

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Kuddos to you! Just the message I was looking for. Im not sure what the Dr. will tell me next Wens. I feel out of my Tx loop but my onc. has gotten me this far. I didnt get the idea surgery is in my future. More medistnal lymph nodes involved then the 1.9cm in RLL. My Dr. is a more deal w/ the moment type of guy, he does not acknowledge "B" until "A" is complete. ( I did have some large bumps in the road). Really I just think 1/2 of me is afraid, and the other 1/2 wants to look past yesterday.

I work in same day surgery~ A very fast, buzy, crazy place. Critical thinking is a must, and I've been so knocked down for 3 mo. The girls at work are all rooting for me.

Happy Birthday to you and many , many more! Thanks for your help. Mary

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see, I feel like such a weenie, I did not recieve any of the meds anyone on this site got-? I was on the balls of my arse for 14 days at a clip, and my Dr. has never mentioned the word tarcevia.

I did cisplatnin x2 and velban weekly x5, w/ 13 zaps of radiation each day x36, during the chemo. I was soooooooo shot, so sick. I have never been sick, I have never been in the hospital (except for the children). This wiped me out~ This all @ MSKCC in Manhattan.

I feel pre-diagnosis now, just a little residual couch potato syndrome. I'm going for it, to young to retire, I went full time when my husband retired 6 yrs. ago! I love him, but that 24/7? hummmmmmmmm

I'll keep you guys posted. Mary

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Whatever works for you, hon.

Try to ramp it up slowly, you'll be fighting fatigue.

It took me a while to go back, but my boss had told me either full time or nothing, I worked at that time in a research lab where there is no such thing as part time. I was off from my first surgery through chemos/rad and lung surgery, then more chemos, then colonoscopy repair, and then 7 weeks after that I went back. Wiped me out, but I did okay, it took some getting used to.

Now I have a desk job and I know things would have been different -- but there you go.

Whatever works for you. Just remember to be kind to yourself. It may take a while for your immune system to be full strength.



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